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Strengthening Summer Programs to Stem Learning Loss

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Desiree Morales

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Strengthening Summer Programs to Stem Learning Loss

Strengthening Summer Programs to
Stem Learning Loss

Significant research shows that
summer learning is critical to closing
the achievement gap.
Unequal access leads to >50%
of the achievement gap
An empowering way to look at it...
150 program hours
Enhancing Program Quality
Get group use cards at any Austin Public Library
Register students for the APL Summer Reading Program
Check out recorded books to hear on drives to field trip locations
Games that support literacy
Road sign bingo
The alphabet game
Ideas for Integrating Literacy into Existing Activities
Effective summer programs could reduce the achievement gap more dramatically than any other effort
Children gain weight 2-3
times faster when they
are out of school
Including summer physical activity
can significantly hinder obesity risk
Parents cite summer as the
most difficult time to engage
children productively
Enhancing enrichment during
summer = addressing the most
critical community needs
30 minutes of physical activity for every 3 hours of programs
Ensure that summer program meets the same stringent guidelines as the academic-year programs
1:8 adult to student ratio
Thematic Learning
Essential Questions for AISD
Curriculum Road Map
How do inventions and discoveries change society?
Where do people get ideas?
How does a community solve problems?
What are characteristics of a culture?
What are some different ways people communicate?
How do personal experiences inspire leaders?
What characteristics make a productive citizen?
How do we raise questions and seek answers about the world around us?
How do customs and traditions define a culture?
Why is freedom important?
How do people adapt to changes in their environment?
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