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No description

Stuart Downing

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of leila

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haw has the past influensed today
by leila depreter
fined more about them
the roman tablet was made BC.
it takes time to to transport and deliver it.

th roman tablet is a way in the past to comunicate. the design is till fit for perpos because you still use a tablet (with e-male) to send mesagess to peopla exept it goes alot faster.
the romen tablet is made out of wax you have to melt the wax to r-use it. a mesenger runs to the place that yo want the mesenger to go.
roman tablet
the modern tablet is an Ipad used with an E-male it is much queeker
than the roman tablet
The invention of the ruler dates back to ,the Greeks and Egyptians. Used to make measurements in a straight line, the first excavated rulers were often made from wood or ivory.
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