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Foliotek and EdTPA Crash Course

No description

Amber Atkinson

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Foliotek and EdTPA Crash Course

Foliotek is, quite literally, an electronic portfolio required for all students in the UGA College of Education, in which students will build evidence demonstrating their mastering of the 10 InTASC standards required by the UGA COE.

The Bar Exam of Education: edTPA
Thursday, June 5, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
I'm starting Transition 2: What do I do?!?
Foliotek: What is it?
What is the edTPA?
What does it Involve?
Teachers must be ready to teach with the necessary skills needed to support student learning, from the first day they get into the classroom. Because of this reason Stanford University and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education formed a partnership to develop and share edTPA, formerly the Teacher Performance Assessment.

edTPA is transformative for prospective teachers because the process requires candidates to actually demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to help all students learn in real classrooms. The edTPA is subject specific with separate versions and includes a review of a teacher candidate’s authentic teaching materials as the culmination of teaching and learning process that documents and demonstrates each candidate's ability to effectively teach subject matter to all students.

This is completed during your student teaching placement in your final semester.

*Georgia InTASC standards under Resources in your Foliotek account

*General Curriculum - CEC crosswalk under Resources in your Foliotek Account

*Note that each standard has multiple indicators--know them!

Education Teacher Performance Assessment
Foliotek & edTPA Crash Course
What Do I Hand In?
The edTPA process identifies and collects subject-specific evidence of effective teaching from a learning segment of 3- 5 lessons from a unit of instruction for one class of student.
Teacher candidates submit authentic artifacts from a clinical field experience
Candidates also submit commentaries that provide a rationale to support their instructional practices based on the learning strengths and needs of students
One or two unedited video clips of 15-20 minutes from the learning segment
Commentary analyzing how the candidate engages students in learning activities
Classroom based assessment
Student work samples
Evidence of teacher feedback
Commentary analyzing patterns of student learning
Explain and justify which aspects of the learning segment were effective, and what the candidate would change.
Inform next steps for individuals and groups with varied learning needs
Explain how students demonstrate academic language using student work samples and/or video recordings of student engagement.

Learning Segment 3-5 lessons of connected instruction (a unit)

Task 1: Planning Instruction and Assessment
How your lesson plans build on one another to help students achieve objectives
Why the learning tasks you chose are appropriate for your students
The language demands of the learning segment and how you plan to help students with those language demands
How you will assess student progress

Task 2: Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning
Video yourself engaging students in learning
Analyze your teaching effectiveness based on the video
Submit video 1-2 video clips that show how you
Have created positive learning environment
Engage students in learning
Deepen student learning
Engage students in subject-specific pedagogy

Task 3: Assessing Student Learning
Analyze student learning, showing patterns of learning and providing evidence to support your conclusions
Choose student work samples to submit as evidence
Explain how students will use feedback to further learning
Identify next steps for instruction and explain how they are based on student learning

Evidence of teaching practice
Artifacts- lesson plans, video, student work
Commentary- reflective explanations and analysis of teaching

15 rubrics (5 per task)

How Much Does It Cost?
Starting Fall 2015, the edTPA full assessment is $300

Free for students piloting the program -- you will NOT have to pay for EdTPA

How Long Do I Have to Complete It?
What Do My Scores Mean?

All edTPA activity will occur during your student teaching semester

Unclear yet when you will "register" for edTPA--likely in the fall semester
My Scores:
The edTPA is assessed by a trained scorer in your content area
You must complete the edTPA in full, but at this point, the score doesn’t mean anything in terms of whether you graduate or not. It will be punitive starting Fall 2015, but we don't know what that will look like in terms of graduation.

Why Does UGA Use It?
Required by the State of Georgia for certification
Allows you to show your readiness for the classroom
Prepares you for the new teacher evaluation system you may encounter as you enter the profession - TKES
Transition 2: What about Artifacts??
STEP TWO: Upload Artifacts -- but which ones?

Transition 2: And what about Rationales??
Why am I writing these rationales?

*To demonstrate and provide a more specific connection between each of the key elements and the designated artifacts--
this is you explaining how and why the artifacts fit the key elements.

*Your rationales should function as
persuasive writing
, in that you are working to convince the reader the reasons this particular artifact is representative of the standard. Your writing should also be
; you should describe the context of the artifact for a reader who may or may not have observed the lesson/graded the assignment. Doing so requires that you clarify the artifacts’ meaningfulness, in the overall rationale for each standard, and the designated artifact’s meaningfulness in relation to the key element. Your writing should also be
Use your rationales to carefully consider the value of the artifacts that you are using for each standard in an honest and reflective way.

And what about Transition 3??
Same process as Transition 2, except Transition 3 is post-student teaching

*You will receive evaluations and feedback on your Transition 2 submission--this will be the base for your Transition 3 Post-Student Teaching Portfolio

*You should make edits and add artifacts/rationales from Student Teaching into your Transition 3 portfolio

*Expect to submit your final Transition 3 portfolio on the last day of class in your student teaching semester

So: What are the Foliotek Deadlines?
*Take five minutes to brainstorm other assignments you feel would fit standards and key elements

* NOTE: One assignment can fit more than one standard/key element
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