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The Expenses of Not Going to College

No description

The Last Librarian

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of The Expenses of Not Going to College

What's More

Sometimes, the expenses of college can feel completely
Not Going
Sometimes, the expenses of college can feel completely
But knowing the invaluable benefits of continued education
may help keep your mind
at ease.
Doctoral Degree
8 years
Median Weekly Earnings
Unemployment Rate
Master's Degree
6 years
Bachelor's Degree
4 years
Associate Degree
2 years
Some College,
No Degree
>2 years
High School Graduate
0 years
Studies have shown that a college graduate earns approximately $18,000 more a year than someone without a degree.
Not only will college help you earn a higher salary, but it will also provide you with more job security
On the , there are fewer and fewer options for those without college degrees everyday.
flip side
Life experiences just don't translate into technical know-how.
Financing your education is the most important investment you make in the preparation of your career.
College education helps you develop important skills needed to find quality jobs.
Attending college also helps build key assets necessary to keep, excel, and move up in positions in any field.
Federal Assistance
Parental Assistance
Personal Resources
Military Tuition
Forms of financing your education include:
Start off at a community college.
Compare your housing options.
Don't buy new textbooks.
Earn money while in school.
Explore all of your aid options.
Be responsible with your student loans.
Graduate on time.
Ways to keep your educational
costs to a minimum:
Investing in a college degree produces better returns than stocks, gold, treasuries, and even real estate.
Paying for College Pays Off.
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