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CMIN 101 (Fa '16) T12a - Bringing the Bible into your Conversations

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Hartmut Scherer

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of CMIN 101 (Fa '16) T12a - Bringing the Bible into your Conversations

Bringing the Bible into your Conversations
How can we bring the Bible into a conversation with strangers?
- expect that people test whether we are sincerely loving
- show God’s love in a tangible way
- ask questions that help them see their inconsistent worldview
- help them to imagine a preferred scenario
- always ask for permission to bring the Bible into the
How can we tell God Space has been created?
- when nondisciples have the courage to tell us what they
really feel about the faith
Steps for Bringing the Bible into a Conversation
1. Ask for permission
2. Have them read the passage
3. Keep the focus on the passage
4. Be prepared (know your Bible)
How do we know when someone is ready to move from a spiritual conversation to a gospel presentation?
- when the head and the heart bow toward God in humility
- look for signs of brokenness
What may be a sign of brokenness?
- the person starts initiating spiritual conversations on their own
- frequency and depth of their questions increase
- approach people in the spirit of Col 4:5-6
-> don't get defensive
-> don’t oversupply other people with information
Some Tips for Distributing Literature
- get literature
- when you give the literature, ask whether the person is willing
to discuss it with you over a cup of coffee
- be sensitive how you use use material that presents the gospel
- start reading the Bible on their own
- they talk about the direction of their life (dissatisfaction)
- they want to spend more time with you
- they raise objections that make belief difficult for them
Expect growth,
get ready for the harvest,
pray for laborers.
God has called us to be mustard seed planters.
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