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Surviving in the wild

No description

Leanne Woolcock

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Surviving in the wild

How to...
Remember when we wrote instructions on World Book day?!
Well now, we're going to take it up another notch.
What is there purpose?
What types of audience do we have to
think about?
A guide to...
verbing an object
cooking a roast
building a model bridge
playing a game
drawing a comic
E.g. How to make a potion
How to create your dream drink
how to turn yourself invisible

E.g. A guide to making paper planes
a guide to painting a fence
a guide to updating your phone

What you are doing
This guide...
E.G this guide will help you to bake a delicious cake
this guide contains instructions on how to update your PC
This guide will show you how to build a chair
E.G this guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to clean your teeth
these step-by-step instructions will help you create the perfect clay pot
follow these instructions, step-by-step to build a sturdy bench
Struggling to...
E.G struggling to make a tasty fruit smoothie? This helpful guide will get you started!
struggling to impress in the kitchen? Follow this guide to create a mouth-watering roast that no one will forget!
time opener...
E.G follow this step-by-step guide to create a delicious meal in only half an hour!
this guide will help you to cook the perfect roast chicken in under 40 minutes.
before __ing (the warning opener)
E.G Before using your new tree house, please read the following instructions.
What you need...
List layout
450g of haddock
1. cup
2. Teabag
a. 20 Philips head screws
b. 12 2x4 plywood boards
Amounts and Measurements
using appropriate amounts
E.g. ml for liquid
Ibs/ounces/Kg/grams for food
E.g. 5 large, ripe bananas
a large, greased loaf tin
Optional items
E.G A large serving tray may also be helpful
ADDING 'optional', 'as needed' or 'as required'
- Paprika (as needed).
- Asparagus (if in season)
How to make it (method):
Sequence word, action verb
E.G First, put...
After that, mix....
Two step instructions
E.G. Pour in the milk an stir until thoroughly mixed.
With an action, more action
E.G. With a steady motion, fold the mixture until a dough forms.
As you add the paint gradually, stir the mixture until the correct colour appears.
Consequence instructions
E.G Once the glue is set, ...
If the surface is damp, ...
Adverbs of manner + Verb
E.G. Slowly place the...
Carefully lift the ....
Gently remove from...
Brackets/Italics and object (aka)
E.g. (Add more salt if needed)
Add the milk
the mixture
Use a grill pan (aka a griddle) to fry...
How you know it's worked
When, then
Now you will/ You should now...
Success criteria...
Exclamation summary..

Last section: Tips/ Extras
Best results: For best results, serve the dessert cold
Optional extras: If you want to extend the life of your newly...
Safety tips: When using the flame thrower, make sure...
Follow up ideas: You could change____ for ____ depending on the how much spice you can handle
Troubleshooting: If you find that your potion is a light blue rather than a dark blue, try....
Extra information source: For more recipes, visit www.yumyumcakes.com
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