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Why YouTube and Real, Simple Video are Online Marketing Rock Stars!

YouTube is no longer just a place for laughing babies and skateboarders rendering themselves infertile. Posting video online boosts SEO and SMO, drives traffic to websites, increases conversion rates, enhances brand value and recognition, and creates

Rocky Walls

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Why YouTube and Real, Simple Video are Online Marketing Rock Stars!

YouTube is a video sharing website on
which users can upload and share videos.

Additionally, like on facebook, YouTube users
can connect with one another using the “friends”
feature and users can comment on videos and even
send messages to other users just like on other
social media sites. Why and Real, Simple Video
are Online Marketing Rock Stars! Exceeds views every day!
Nearly double the prime time audience of all three major U.S. networks combined.

On keywords for which Google offers video results, any given video is about more likely to appear on the first page of results than any given text page. 2 billion Visibility Accessibility If there's internet...

there's YouTube. Virality x + y = viral + = viral value to viewers ease of sharing Affordability Never before has the use of video for marketing been attainable for nearly any company. Forgivability So your video flopped? Big deal, dust yourself
off and try again; your viewers won't mind. It would take to watch all the video
that will be uploaded during this session. 73 DAYS * * Finding PURPOSE
in your video content... Strut Your Stuff... Demonstrate expertise w/ tips or tutorials Market new products/services or promote events Let's Be Honest, It's About the Money... Offer an “inside look” to your business/organization Backstage Pass... Post video testimonials to increase credibility Sit Back and Relax... Get your viewers to generate content Introduce staff to add authenticity Meet the Family... 14% or 78% Real, so that your viewers will connect with, trust in and genuinely like you.

Simple, so that you will connect with, trust in and genuinely like video. Real and Simple... Staying in the game & not becoming a “ghost channel” Set realistic, attainable, measurable goals.
i.e. Post one video each month & promote it via e-mail blast and on facebook and twitter.

Get others involved as much as possible.
i.e. Ask viewers to comment and/or ask them to post to their own facebook or twitter account. Connect with me... youtube.com/WhatRockyFlips
linkedin.com/RockyWalls Watch Media for Hire... youtube.com/MediaforHire
twitter.com/MediaforHire 50 times
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