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No description

Gabriela Gabriel

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of GREEN HOUSES

Benefits of Dream Village:

environmentally low-impact home
materials that last a lifetime
reduction of the cost of energy bills
no toxins
improvement of the efficiency of natural resources
reduction of pollution
minimization of environmental waste
lesser negative impacts on human health.
utilize waste to material and energy
Aristodimou Andri
Athanasiadi Rafaella
Gabriel Gabriela
Gerolemou Nicoletta
Psilogeni Andri
Sipilainen Valtteri
Tiainen Norma
Kuikka Kaisa
Matinsaari Heli
Leinonen Petri

"Dream Village"
Environment- Green architecture
Bio climatic architecture “designs” the future (sun, wind, vegetation, water, ground, sky allies)
ecologically built houses: combination of traditional architecture with modern materials and methods.
This presentation will discuss:
Ecologically-built houses
Benefits of Dream village
The issue of ecological awareness

mobility concerning green architecture and recycling
people are sensitive with regard to the issue of environmental sustainability
green architecture is a promising field that has the potential to benefit both the human world and the natural one.
EU needs to:
a)motivate people towards sustainable building and recycling

b)inform the public in a greater extent.
It is our duty to promote green architecture and recycling because the fate of our planet is in our hands. Let's work for a better place where both nature and humanity will be privileged.
Prefabricated houses
Conventional houses transformed into environmentally-friendly houses
Categories of Green Houses:
Prefabricated houses:
Conventional transformed houses:
An upcoming small green village...
Dream Village includes:
Eco houses for everyone
Recycling facilities
Garden where you grow your own food
Eco community
Recycling forms:
Bio waste
Paper and carton-waste
empty bottles
Problem-waste (batteries, electronics, oil)
Power plant (mixed waste)
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