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Glowing Water

No description

hannah gonzalez

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Glowing Water

By:Hannah Gonzalez
Andrea Lagunas Glowing Water Purpose &Hypothesis Materials
Acknowlegements Procedure Procedure :Step 1:fill cup with water
step 2:open 1 highlighter put ink sponge in cup of water
Step 3:Put Black light over the highlighter ink and record the data
Step 4:do step 3 over again in a diffenernt highlighter ink color and record the data do this several times Purpose: Which Highlighter ink color glows brighter in the dark when you put a black light over it?

Hypothesis: I think orange highlighter ink will glow brighter in the dark. Materials: 1 black light
highlighters (color of your choice)
1 cup of water

I like to thank Hannah's mom and Andrea's mom for letting us use our house to work on the project Conclusion

In conclusion our hypothesis was wrong
the yellow highlighter glows brighter than the
orange highlighter does just proving that science
works in many interesting and different ways.
The yellow glows brighter because it is used
to make things stand out of others.
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