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Comparing and contrasing 1984 to Chinese Cultural Revolution

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on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Comparing and contrasing 1984 to Chinese Cultural Revolution

Comparing and contrasting 1984 to Chinese Cultural Revolution
Brainwashing and uses of Propaganda
Symbols & Media
- students/people are required to wear the symbols (red/crimson scarves and etc...) of each departments
- the songs aim at admiring China, the party and its leader (Mao)

Education in China
- learn the history that was partially made up by the government
- Based on the belief that school should be simpler
- The more books a person read, the more unintelligent they become.
- international marriage is illegal
- emigrating is betraying
Education in 1984
- History was totally altered by the government
- educated the youth to be spies to monitor the adults
- sex is only allowed to reproduce
- do it without question
- proles are non-educated
Propaganda Posters Vs. Party Slogans ( 1984)
China-Big Character Poster
- in many aspects
- publicize communism is the best that opposes capitalism and imperialism
- Grabbing them when they are young and impressionable, and then stuff them so full of propaganda that they believe whatever you tell them.
- Making people love the Party and contribute to their country.
"The People's Liberation Army of China is a great school for Maoism."
Let the Party arrange your life
Oppose economism: destroy the new counter-offensive of the capitalist class reactionary line
1984- Propaganda
- party slogans
- war and fighting keep the peace
- must be a slave to have freedom
- to be closed mind and dumb is a good thing
- doublethink
- "Big Brother is watching you" poster.

Example: "2 + 2 = 5"
Red Book
a book of quotations from chairman Mao
- use propaganda to spread the ideology of the Party effectively through media
- the pictures of the parties' leader force people to follow the party

China - Red songs, red scarves and symbols of Mao
Red/Crimson Scarf
- inculcate altered history and facts
- starts young
- completely cut off all information and affairs from other countries
- to make people become uneducated and mindless
- to turn the youth into obedient little party members
Brainwashing is commonly used by the government in both 1984 and China especially during Chinese Cultural Revolution.
Propaganda is one of the main methods how the government uses to brainwash its people.
- both are successful in brainwashing
- The leaders (Mao and Big Brother) are seemed as "god"
- Communism Vs. Totalitarianism

Made by Joy and Sherry
Thank you for your patience :)
The Hate Week in 1984
- Two minutes Hate
- to stimulate Oceania's populace to against all the enemies
- to increase the hate of people towards other countries
- make people feel safe and think they are protected by Big Brother and the party

- telescreens
-picture of Big Brother
- to brainwash you in action
- emphasizes the great power of the party
- lead to hallucinations
In China...

- Up to the Mountains and Down to the countryside Movement
- Mao said that it is better for those educated people(around 20 years old) to experience the life in countryside.
- It leads to a illusion that the events stimulate the economy and make life better.
- Two minutes hate video
Chinese Cultural Revolution
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