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Discrimination against Muslims in America

No description

Jason Santana

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of Discrimination against Muslims in America

Discrimination against Muslims in America Malcolm X Muhammad Ali The fact is that Muslims are and should be treated the same as you and me. Many people who have contributed a great deal to this world are Muslim. Like: Queen Noor of Jordan Racial discrimination against Muslims is a major problem today. Due to the 9/11 attacks by a group of Muslim men and because of the war against Iraq and America today, people have begun to believe in the false theory that "all Muslims are terrorists". But are we going to forget about the accomplishments of these people just because of their religion? No, we won't. But this concept should not just apply to famous people. It should apply to all Muslims in America today. Because of racial discrimination and racial slurs spoken to some Muslims, a few of them want to give up their religion completely. They feel that this is the only way society will consider them "normal" and not as a threat . But statistics show that all terrorists are not Muslim and even the majority of terrorists are not Muslim so the racial comments and slurs spoken to Muslims are not true. The 9/11 attacks and the current war have made the racial profiling of people who look to be Muslim rise. Racial profiling has lead to wrong accusations about a situation based on the color of one's skin or what they look like. Why would anyone want innocent blood on their hands? People seem to forget that the diversity and the freedom of this great nation is what makes it so rich and special. And without it, we just would not be America. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
-Martin Luther King Jr. I think this is an injustice because everyone should have their own right in what they believe in. And whatever they believe in should not make them an out cast in society's eyes. Everyday, Muslims are criticized and looked down upon because of what they beilieve in, how they look, and what they wear. Some people automatically put there guard up whenever the see someone wearing a hijab or even looks lik they can be Muslim. I don't believe there has been any major, current actions to stop racial discrimination towards Muslims. What I Would Do: To help this current issue I would: 1) Present pictures showing people how badly Muslims have been treated. 2) Show articles of the responses that some Muslim-Americans have said concerning how they feel about the abuse they have had to deal with. 3) Make known to the public the statistics and graphs and/or tables of the religions of every single terrorist, to disprove the popular theory that “all Muslims are terrorists”.
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