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Muhammad's Life Timeline

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Katie Brooks

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Muhammad's Life Timeline

Muhammad's Life Timeline
By: Brooke Kurker, and Katie Brooks
-In around 570 CE, Muhammad was born in Mecca to a widow
In 595, when Muhammad was 25, he attracted the attention of a wealthy buinesswoman named Khadijah

-Muhammad's mother died when he was 6 years old
- He was ultimately taken by his uncle Abu Tali
- At the age of 40, Muhammad received his first revelation while praying in he caves.
- The name of the angle is Gabriel
- Gabriel told him that he was to be messenger of god.
They got married and had 6 kids
In 622, there was a plot to kill Muhammad.
He escaped and made it to Medina.
This migration is known as the Hejira.
-Muhammad led an enormous force against the city of Mecca.
- They entered the city with little resistance, and Muhammad made his way to the Kaaba.
In 632 Muhammad fell ill and died.
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