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Kwikwap Webinar Training: Consultants

A presentation for Kwikwap Consultants highlighting the importance of training customers effectively.

Morne Beckmann

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Kwikwap Webinar Training: Consultants

Webinar Training: Consultant Proposal Why Webinar Training? Importance of Training Help already available Summary How does it work? Do I need this? What does it cost? Effective training is the only way to make sure customers understand and use relevant functionality, effectively to their advantage Kwikwap is growing VERY fast! Most customers only use a very small % of the Kwikwap capabilities We need to make sure that customers keep up to date with all the changes and additions to the system Customers using more of the Kwikwap system capabilities, in a more effective way, stand a much bigger chance to have a successful website and therefor have a much bigger chance of staying a customer for longer Well trained customers can become customers for LIFE! Investigated and tested numerous options Created an online help facility linked directly to functionality accessible from the Management Portal About 300 articles (and counting) have been identified and the majority completed Example Can attend from the comfort of your own home Can have more than one presenter in different locations and seamlessly change between them Presenters can monitor participation Participants can chat during sessions, either via audio or text chat. Participants can raise their hands and ask questions The presenter can give control of a session/pc to a participant for testing purposes Sessions are recorded and can be viewed again, on- and offline Brings the classroom to you You will join a webinar via a supplied link received after registration You will be able to hear the presentation through your pc speakers and view the instruction via your pc screen Client charter prescribes specific training that needs to be given to new customers Not all consultants have the time to do this training effectively By not training customers properly, we run the risk of having underutilised websites and a
possible future loss of income if the website does not meet expectations. The most difficult thing in Kwikwap is finding customers. When we do find them, we need to do everything we can to keep them Properly trained customers need less support and can do more on their own, leaving time for more important things Do you need this? Only if you want more effective customers and more time to make money Normal one on one training costs R300 per hour, excluding extensive travelling A customer needs 10 hours to effectively be trained on the topics specified in the client charter Instead of R300 x 10 hours = R3000, we only charge R500 for 10 hours webinar training By giving us R500 of your R2500 setup fee, we will train your customer for you, freeing you up to do more important things and ensuring that you have a happier and more knowledgeable customer that won't bug you as much and statistically will remain a customer for longer Additional webinar training on ANY Kwikwap topic is available at R65 p/h Kwikwap is growing daily

We need to keep up to remain effective

Webinar Training is essential

The better our customers know Kwikwap,

the more effective their websites will be,

the less hassles we will have from them

Happier customers = More money Register @ http://www.icentre.co.za. Go to Webinar Sessions
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