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Hull Elementary

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Technology

Technology By Zack Olson
Frame 6
The technology book had lots of information. Some of the information I already knew. One of the the things I already knew about was they use solar panels to absorb the suns energy.
Frame 7
This is an image of a 3D printer. I learned that 3D printers are used quite often. They are used for toys,toolboxes,tables,chairs,coat hangers and much more. If it is something you can draw, It can be printed.
My favorite thing I learned about was the Fiber-optic-cable. A Fiber-optic-cable gets the information to where you need it. For example, if you are email a friend about something important. Well the fiber optic cable helps get the information there.
This is a printing press. A printing press is used for printing pages that you find in a book. They use four different plates to make the colors on the pages. Printing press's have been around for almost 600 years!

Author: Dan Green


Type Of Informational Text: Informational text

Lexile Level: 1010

Main Topic: Technology

Here are three conclusions i came up with after reading this book.

The internet helps us get information. This technology also helps us communicate faster.

Battery's are a source of power.
Battery's help power our city's,schools and almost everything.

Fertilizer is key to growing crops. Fertilizer makes sure that crops live longer.
My text structure is question and answer. It is question and answer because you could have a question about something and it will answer it. For example, if you had a question about levers the book would answer it for you.
I am very familiar with how to use the internet because I use it everyday! I use it to play video games with my friends. People use the internet for many things like research,finding funny pictures and much more.
OXIDANT- Essential to combustion burning reactions an oxidant combines with fuel to produce heat and light energy.

PHOTON- A particle of light radiation of electromagnetic radiation. a photon has no mas and no charge.

QUARK- The smallest kind of subatomic particles.

SILICON- A semiconducting element and the base material for microchips.

ULTRAVIOLET- Frequencies of electromagnetic radiation above that of visible light.
This book is about Technology created by Simon Bashur written by Dan green. This book talks about all the different types of technology we use. Some of the interesting things that you learn about in the book is that.
Wheel and axle technology is something I am familiar with. One thing I knew about the axle was that it usually sits in the middle of the wheel. Another thing I already knew about the wheel is that it can't do anything without the axle. It is found on every single car.
I really enjoy reading non-fiction books. I like to learn new facts. They have specific topics to choose from. I never get bored from them because they are so interesting. I would prefer non-fiction over fiction any day.

MMMMMM, LOVE ME SOME cheeseburgers

Some of these are some text structures that I used to help me understand helped me understand it better
fun facts
I would definitely recommend this book because its so fascinating. It talks about technology we use everyday but we don't know about! In fact I recommend this book to some of my classmates and they found topics they love.
Dan Green wrote the books Basher’s Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Rocks and Minerals. He studied Geology at Cambridge University. He also was an editor for a major South American newspaper.
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