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October Sky (Rocket Boys) by Homer H. Hickam Jr. -- Birsell

No description

Megan Sears

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of October Sky (Rocket Boys) by Homer H. Hickam Jr. -- Birsell

By Homer H. Hickam Jr. October Sky (Rocket Boys) Summary strategies The Author's Purpose is Entertain or Persuade. Entertain because it tells a true story about Homer Hickam's life and adventures in Coalwood. And Persuade because it shows that you can accomplish your dreams, even if you live in a small town and have a father that doesn't believe in you.

Evidence for Persuade: Author's Purpose The Point of View of October Sky is 1st person. It is told from Homer H. Hickam Jr.'s Point of View from when he was seventeen in Coalwood, West Virginia in 1957. Point of View FACT VS. OPINION Some examples of strategies of
October Sky are:

Order of Importance

In the beginning, it tells of how Homer was interested in building a rocket after he heard about Sputnik on the radio.

Throughout the rest of the book, it tells of his many attempts to successfully launch a rocket and get to the Science Convention in Indianapolis. Critique Overall, I liked October Sky. I can't think of anything I would change about the storyline. It was a little slow in the beginning but got more exciting towards the middle and end. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy books based on real people and real events. Fact(s) Opinion(s) Miss Riley is the reason their rockets made it to the science fair because she's the only one who believed in them. Homer's father thinks his rockets are a waist of time.

Miss Riley thinks they can and will make it to the science fair (And they did!) October Sky (Rocket Boys) by Homer H.
Hickam Jr. is about Homer's life
in the lost town of Coalwood,
West Virginia. He and his friends
Roy Lee, O'Dell, & Sherman try to build
a rocket but end up blowing up the
fence. Then they meet Quientin and build another one. The story tells of how their teacher Miss Riley pushed them to continue
making the rockets. In the end, they make it to the science fair and Homer gets to meet
his hero, Dr. Warner Von Braun. October Sky
by Homer H. Hickam Jr.
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