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Information meeting HOBIJ

Info about HOBIJ, our jobs and more

HOBIJ Pioneers at work

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Information meeting HOBIJ

Welcome to
Found in 1995

Experts in European Workforce

Jobs in Food production, Logistics and Technics

Offices in Netherlands:
Uden (inhouse)
Tilburg (inhouse)

Offices in Poland:
Opole – Gdansk – Rzeszow

Our jobs
Van Oers United
Company description:
Company in cutting and processing fruit and vegetables.

Supply to supermarkets, fast food chains, wholesalers and catering companies

Work locations:
Helmond and Zwaagdijk

Working hours:
Production 7 days per week, also week-ends.
Night and day shifts

Job description:
Production work in cold and wet environment (+3 degrees Celsius):
Different departments
- Cultivation
- Cutting
- Washing
- Mixing
- Packing
- Transporting
English language
Hygiene rules:
- No jewelry
- No make-up
- No (long) beards
- No dreadlocks

Company description:
Co-packing company (ketchup factory)

Work location:
Wijchen (near Nijmegen)

Working hours:
06.00 – 15.00 hrs
15.00 – 24.00 hrs
Full time possibilities when the job is done properly

Job description:
Production work in standing position:
- Repacking
- Sealing
- Labeling

English language

Company description:
Wholesaler for hospitality companies

Work location:
Different locations in the Netherlands

Working hours:
Different working hours

Job description:
Orderpick in warehouses

Movie: Jobs at Sligro Logistiek
Movie: Jobs at Hessing (Zwaagdijk)
Company description:
Linked to Sligro
Preparation of meals and components of meals

Work location:

Working hours:
2 Shifts (also day shifts) 06.00-14.00 / 14.00 -22.00 hrs
Flexplanning: 3 to 5 shifts per week
Movie: Sligro Culivers
Job description:
Collecting orders for meals for elderly people

Shovel large amounts of meals
Fysically heavy work

Can be cold and wet environment

English language

Hygiene rules:
- No jewelry
- No make-up
- No (long) beards
- No dreadlocks

Company description:
E-commerce (webshop) services for retailers, brands and start-ups.

Work location:

Working hours:
24-40 hours per week
Different working hours, mostly same shift during one week

Job description:
Logistic work: order picking and packing goods

Experience with logistic work or orderpicking
Enjoying picking or packing goods

Company description:
Supplier and producer of year-round fresh vegetables

Work location:
Ridderkerk and Heinenoord (near Rotterdam)

Working hours:
38 hours per week

Movie: HOBIJ jobs at Van Oers United
Job description:
Production factory normal temperature
Cold departments approx. 10 degrees (Celsius)

Production work:
- Filling conveyorbelt
- Sorting
- Cutting
- Wrapping
- Finishing packages for logistics

Logistic work:
- Orderpicking
- Driving lift truck
- Load and unload trucks
- Finishing packages for transportation
- Bringing vegetables to machines


English language
Production: experience in production work (packing, sorting)
Forklift: experience on heftruck (3 pedals)

Depends on the company and the collective agreements
which applies on the company.

Sometimes supplements:
- Cold work
- Work in shifts
- Over hours
- Travel costs

Legal minimum wages in the Netherlands:
Our Housing
Rent rates and other costs
Other costs:
Bike deposit: 75 euro
Key deposit: 10 euro
Safety shoes: 15 euro
Health insurance: 20,19 euro per week
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