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Goodwill Presentation


cathy noneyabiz

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Goodwill Presentation

Goodwill Industries
Goodwill was founded in 1902 in Boston by Edgar Helms
Collected used household goods and clothing
Hired the poor to repair the used goods
History of Goodwill
$3.2 Billion nonprofit organization
Industrial program as well as a social service enterprise
Provides employment, training, and rehabilitation for people of limited employment
Who Goodwill is Today
"A hand up, not a hand out."
Goodwill Industries International enhances the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their fullest potential through the power of work.
Goodwill's Mission
Male 44.1%
Customer Demographics
Female 55.7%
Average to large population
Near other businesses
Close to their competitors
Locates store where rent is decently cheap
Conduct a survey of their customers about income and their age to better market to their customers
Trading Area Analysis
Goodwill currently has 690,082 donations with 1,792,980 customers.
Competitive Analysis
Depends on type of product
Mark up what sells the most and mark down what doesn't sell very well
Electronics and popular brand name clothing are their highest sellers
Seasonal clothes fluctuates throughout the year
Depending upon the brand of clothing they will go up 1-3 price points ($1-$3)
Pricing and Financial Goals
All about VALUE
Want their customers to come and leave feeling like they've gotten a good deal
Want their location to have the lowest prices
When they purchase things from other retailers (Target and BonTon stores) they mark up what they buy 30-40%
Merchandising Philosophy
Benchmarks for revenue depend on sales price, daily budget, monthly budget, month to date, and throughout the day
The cost of goods sold is a tracked margin of 30-40% of what they actually make.
Gross profit is extra cash that they spend on completing their mission.
Total operating expenses include electricity, lights outside, watch doors, forklift, supplies, and payroll.
Goodwill's Benchmarks
Creating an environment made for learning and growing.
A great place where employees and customers can come and learn and grow in a new field with skills they will be taught at the many training sites and DIY classes
Goodwill stores have displays and grids for clothing and seasonal decor.
Bring used clothes to any GAP store and get 30% off your purchase at GAP and they will donate your used clothes to a Goodwill store.
Free Computer and Recycling drive
50% off selected merchandise on Memorial Day
Brewer fans may purchase a $10.00 ticket from the Club Goodwill Section. LIMIT 4.
Levi's Jeans is now partnering up with Goodwill Industries. They are now putting a tag inside of their denim jeans that encourages them to donate to goodwill when they no longer want those jeans anymore.
St. Vincent De Paul
Salvation Army
Helps feed/house community
Resells donations only from community
Cost effective
Does not provide jobs for community
Volunteer based
Helps feed/house community
Resells donations only from community
Sells donated food
Cost effective
Does not provide jobs for community
Volunteer based
Goodwill Industries
Provides jobs for communities
Resells donations as well as new products
Cost effective
Large facilities
Job training
Goodwill Facts
Did you know that we kept 76,796,370 pounds of clothing and other items from going into landfills in 2011? These materials consisted of:
•4,019,598 pounds of computers
•3,836,968 pounds of metal
•1,783,523 pounds of cardboard
•586,017 pounds of purses
•1,267,780 pounds of shoes
•4,005,079 pounds of books
•34,234,130 pounds of textile clothing
•3,461,293 pounds of televisions
•97,750 pounds of bicycles
•10,254 pounds of cell phones
•23,493,978 pounds of miscellaneous items sold in stores.
Has a friendly atmosphere
Donates unsold goods to countries in need
Cost effective
Promotions that have community involvement
Provides classroom environment for learning
Participants in DIY classes can walk away with new skill set on homemaking
Fashion Forward / Create a culture
Very green organization
Helps people who have barriers with employment
In Conclusion...
Goods were sold or given away
Created jobs in the 1920's during great depression
We Heart Thrift Fashion
Thrifty Bedroom
Decor Ideas
DIY Classes
Offering DIY Classes at Goodwill that teach our customers skills for do-it-yourself home furnishing/fashion.
Woodworking, Home Improvement, Sewing, Upholstery, Interior Design, and Fashion Design.
Recycling and Reusing
Purchasing merchandise from thrift stores is one step ahead of recycling because it involves reusing the product.
Thrift stores are the most successful form of the reduce/reuse/recycle philosophy of our time.
People are able to be excited about something gently used from a thrift store
Excited when they are able to complete something themselves
People acquire jobs cleaning, sorting, fixing and selling donated merchandise
Tax Deduction
Environmentally Friendly
Turning trash to treasure
Environment Benefits of recycled DIY
Reusing clothing from thrift stores to fit you and today's fashion includes...
Reduction of pesticides used to grow cotton
Reduction of pollution from petroleum based fabrics
Saves on water used to dye fabrics
Less pollution in air from manufacturing
Benefits to the Consumer
Much more cost effective
Unique pieces/one of a kinds
Create jobs
Support charities and local organizations
Donation = tax benefit
Turn trash into treasure
Walk away from DIY classes with new homemaking skill set and outlook on recycling home goods and clothing
Donation Process
If you're cleaning out your basement, attic, closet, you're moving, or you just want to simplify your life donating these items to Goodwill is easy and convenient.
Load your donations and head to your Goodwill
Upon arrival you will see signs pointing in the direction in which to donate
A donation attendant will be there to greet you and will help you unload your items
when you're done they'll give you your receipt for tax purposes and that's it!
What to with what you find?
A lot of people who shop at goodwill see the store full of merchandise to purchase but just don't see it fitting them, their style, or their life.
Offering DIY classes from Goodwill Industries and it's professionals will show their consumers on how to make these items work for them.
What Goodwill DIY Classes can teach you are skills sets necessary to mend clothes, work wood, interior design, and much more to make your life a little bit happier and save money!
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