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How to think about nonprofit impact

Full resources at WholeWhale.com/impact

George Weiner

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of How to think about nonprofit impact

3. Track Indicators Over Time

Choose the methods
you'll use to track each indicator:
Qualitative, quantitative, survey, online engagement measures via Google Analytics, third-party audit, etc

How often
will you measure each indicator?
daily - weekly - monthly - annually

Who is responsible
for collecting/measuring these indicators?
data analyst, consultants, department, program team

Identify Outcomes that Demonstrate Impact

What specific changes/outcomes will demonstrate the success you outlined above?

Outline Key Impact Indicators
What indicators will you use to measure those specific changes?

2. Outcomes & Indicators
Determine your Purpose
What is the long term goal?
What need in society that drove the creation of this org?

Define Intended Impact
How do you define success in your org?
What does success look like for your org?
Who benefits from your organization?

more specific
the better. Always
define your audience

1. Purpose & Intent
Frame metrics using these types of questions:
How will the world be different because of our work?
How would I communicate this to a funder? Why is it important?

Where to start?
1. Purpose & Intent
Determine purpose of org/project
Define Intended Impact

2. Outcomes & Indicators
Identify Outcomes that Demonstrate Impact
Outline Key Impact Indicators

3. Tracking Indicators Over Time
No measurement, no point

Crash course in impact measurement

How the heck do we
measure nonprofit impact?

Clear Communication
of impact metrics within org & to stakeholders is
VITAL to org success.

Don't isolate metrics
- consider financial performance & impact metrics TOGETHER.

IE: What did we spend digitally and did it matter?

Impact Indicators should be:

Time Bound
Example of digital program goal mapping
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