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A Long Way Gone Reflection

Book reflection for genocide and Human Rights

shannan moran

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of A Long Way Gone Reflection

Shannan Moran
Danielle Henry A Long Way Gone The Beginning Ishmael and some of the other boys were going to break windows and instead of using rocks, they used their hands. Ishmael cut his hand open and got glass in it. He went to get the first aid kit, but the nurse, Esther, was there instead. In Ishmael's recovery, his withdrawals get extremely bad due to the strong drugs he was on, Esther is there to help him get through it and becomes someone that Ishmael can trust and talk to. Things start to get better when Esther buys him the cassette and tapes to remind him of life before he was in the military. At first he was angry, but after listening to the tapes and talking to Esther he starts to appreciate the tapes more. After all of these events, Ishmael has been able to open up and trust Esther, when before he trusted no one but himself. This relationship is promising for Ishmael's recovery because he now has someone to rely on. Their relationship will continue to grow as time goes on. She uses the music to help him along through therapy and gives him a notebook so Ishmael can start writing his own lyrics. Doing this has helped his recovery/therapy. In exchange for music, he has to attend school.
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