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Architectural Interior Designs of a 5 Star Hotel

No description

Elisha Soriano

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Architectural Interior Designs of a 5 Star Hotel

Architectural Interior Designs of a 5 Star Hotel
Bedroom 2
Concept : Banaue Rice Terraces Inspired Bedroom Suite

Rice Terraces or Hagdan-hagdan Palayan originally came from the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people.

The Interior of this room mainly focuses on the "hagdan-hagdan" and the nature surrounding itself. From the color choices, the traditional and modern furniture's to the curve like shape of the terraces.

Interior Perspective
Hotel Lobby
Bedroom 1
Concept : Vigan Inspired Bedroom Suite

Rooting from the historic structures of Vigan, our elegant rooms combine colonial artistry with modern style. Spacious bedroom, sleek furnishings, luxurious fixtures, all feature the finest amenities ideal for couples, group, or families.

Interior Design
Interior Perspective
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Bedroom 4
Concept : Batanes Inspired Bedroom Suite

Inspired by the traditional Ivatan home made of local stone, Fundacion Pacita, accommodation in Batanes combines organic design and interiors with contemporary comforts.

Wooden furnishings, stone works aesthetics, and the touch of modern design give the suite a unique yet welcoming atmosphere.
Bedroom 3
Concept : Iloilo, Bamboo Inspired Bedroom Suite

With it's ability to be used for various purposes, bamboo is now recognized as the material of the millenium particularly in the province of Iloilo. The most dominant species found in Iloilo is 'kawayan tinik' (Bambusa blumeana). As such, the bamboo industry in the region is thriving well, employing 2,074 people and boasting of an established export market for its locally produced bamboo products.

The bamboo influence the interior design of the room. From the various color combination of the furnitures, wall treatment, and choice of door materials.

Interior Perspective
Floor Plan
The Hotel Lobby features a spacious lounge, that is exceedingly comfortable and provides the utmost comfort and luxury. It also offers stunning and spacious interiors equipped with modern amenities and lavish finishing touches ensuring a truly unforgettable stay.
Lobby Interior Perspective
Lobby Floor Plan
Hotel Restaurant
Restaurant Interior
Restaurant Floor Plan
Submitted To:
Arch. Robert Aguilar

Submitted By:
Elisha P. Soriano
Ma. Minelle B. Angeles
Christian S. Bascon
Vince O. Izon

Hotel Room Toilet and Bath
Interior Perspective
Floor Plan
Ceiling Details
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