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The Black Death !

No description

breanna hager

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of The Black Death !

The Time Period of the Black Death
Pneumonic Plague
Economic Effects caused by The Black Death!
"Decameron Web." Brown University. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2014. <http://www.brown.edu/Departments/Itali
The Black Death !

The Rulers over the slaves had to give them more money or the slaves could go work for another Ruler.
Septicemic Plague
(Diane Zahler)

The spreading of the Plague.
The Treatments for the Plague ..
The plague was first heard about in England, 1348-49.
In Spring of 1348, it had hit the Wales and Midlands and late that summer, it hit the Irish Sea.
It soon hit Scotland in 1350.

Work Cited
Bubonic Plague

Western Europe, Alexandria, Sicily, and Cyrpus discovered the Plague in 1347.
The Plague reached Norway in 1350.
In 1348, France and Germany had found that the Plague reached them.
("Black Death Timeline")
The Pneumonic Plague is infection in the lungs.
Fevers, headaches, and coughing up blood, are all signs of the Pneumonic Plague.
You were expected to die after 2 to 4 days of having the Pneumonic Plague.
("Facts About Pneumonic Plague")
The Septicemic Plague happens when bacteria builds up in your blood.
You can get the Septicemic Plague if a flea or rat bites you.
Fevers, chills, weakness, and bleeding under the skin are signs of having the Septicmic Plague
"Plague (cont.)")
It is caused by rats and fleas if they bite you.
You would swell in the lymph nodes, have fevers, if you have the Bubonic Plague
If you had the Bubonic Plague, your death rate would be 30-75%.
("The Black Death 1347-1350")
The people would use home made medicines to cure swellings.
They would use flowers, vegetables, anything that they thought would heal them.
They even tried witch craft to heal the Plague.
("Cures for The Black Death")
The price of stuff they needed went super high because they had to bring it in from all over the world.
Of course people were dying because of the Plague, so they were in major need of workers
("Social and Economic Effects of The Plague")
The Black Death
informational text
The Black Death took place mainly during 1346-1353.
It began in the Caspian Sea and made its way to Europe.
During the 7 years, 33% of Europe's population died.
Many people thought that God had punished them by sending the Plague to them.
("Robert Wilde")
Effects of The Black Death
informational text
The Black Death took a major toll on Europe's population.
It effected the economy in a lot of ways.
Ever since The Black Death happened, hospitals have found newer medication to cure the Plague.
People who had the Plague and was cured, they lost all their faith in God and didn't believe in him anymore.
("Molly Edmonds")
How The Black Death Changed The World
It took centuries for the world to get better after The Black Death.
The people who survived the Black Death suffered from job decrease.
When the richer people would try to go back to their old ways, the poor would try to stay with their freedom and better pay.
After the Black Death, the Jewish people were blamed for the cause of the Plague.
("Heather Whipps")

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