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Lakin Gleeson

on 5 August 2009

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Transcript of WWN JOB RESEARCH

WWN JOB RESEARCH Option one Medical practitioner Three tasks performed by a medical practioner 1) Examine the patient to determine the nature of the disorder or illness, and record the patients medical imformation. 2) provide pre- and post- natal care. 3) Report births, deaths and notifiable diseases to government authorities. Personal requirements good conmunication skills
self-confidence enjoy working with people three education reqiuments 3 education reqiurments pass VCE bachelor of medicine bachelor of medical science aditional imformation Get to do a internship at a hospital school Do specilist training programs complete a rural skills training course. Do the employment opportunities sound good ? The employment opportunities sound good, because you get a wide varriety of choice where you work, people are in need of doctors everywhere. Related Relati related jobs related jobs chiropractor forensic scientest speach pathologist Job prospects The job prospect is good for a medical practioner Weekly earnings My Weekly Earnings : $1637
Average weekly earnings : $940 Importance of interest Investigative: 100 %
Enterprising: 66 %
Social 66%
Realistic 61%
Conventional 52 %
Artistic 47 %

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