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Social Media Marketing for New Optometrists

No description

Nathan Bonilla-Warford

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing for New Optometrists

stage 1 - Developing personal brand

stage 2 - Promote your practice before it opens

stage 3 - Gain and retain patients

stage 4- Go BIG!
Social Media Marketing
For New Optometrists
Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, FAAO
Questions now or later:

text 813-469-2366
Twitter: @NateBW
A Brief History of Me:

1997 - BS in Natural Resources at Univ. Florida
2004 - OD at Illinois College of Optometry
2005 - Peds/VT residency at ICO
2006 - Worked at a chain Clearwater, FL
2006 - Bought a practice in Tampa, FL
Provide Primary Care, VT, Ortho-k
You do not need to own a
practice to use social media!
Just be smart about it :)
Example: Dr. Cheryl G. Murphy
As soon as you have a name and logo,
start building your fan base!
Example: Insight Eyecare
Personal branding
Patient education
Clearance from employer

Results: Something you can offer!
Demonstrate commitment
Demonstrate quality
Build your network
Create excitement!

Result: Full appointment book
Continue to find ways to strengthen relationship with current patients and be found by new ones
Example: Baby Day!
Increase awareness of infant eye care
Increase visibility in community
Gain new patients
Our Blog:
Announcement of the event
Served as an “anchor” online
Spot for the website to link to
Allowed for interaction
Frequent reminders
Links to blog, website, Facebook
Links to related information
about infant and child vision
Real-time updates during event
Links to blog, website, Facebook
Real-time updates during event

10 infants examined
Online publicity for practice and optometry
15 new patients directly as a result
unknown indirect patients.
Create office event
increase Social Media visibility
Sell some glasses
Local Parties ->– Global Event
Free publicity
New Connections
New Patients
Social Media for ODs:
If you have a good idea,
run with it!
May 17, 2011 SCO Capstone Program
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