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Larry Winterlin

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of 6_Fernandez_Adrian

Weekly Typing
I chose typing because it helped me memorize the keyboard and get faster at typing. I liked this assignment because we all use computers at some point in time so its good to be able to type fast.
Lesson 6: President Research Assignment.
I chose this assignment because it was interesting getting assigned a president, and researching how he benefited to the United States. I liked this assignment because it was a review of history and helped with presentation skills.
Lesson 20: 3D Nametag
I chose this lesson because it was my first time experiencing a 3D printer. I liked this assignment because I made a key chain out of the name tag.
Lesson 23: Prezi Final
I chose this assignment because it was better than having to take a written test like other classes. I liked this assignment because it is more creative than powerpoint.
Quizzizz Quiz
I chose this assignment because it was a unique way to take a quiz. I liked this lesson because it made taking a quiz more competitive.
Best Assignments Final
Adrian Fernandez Period 6
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