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6 Questions The Lorax

No description

Danielle Gladstone

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of 6 Questions The Lorax

Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why The Six Questions of Lake Erie When When did Lake Erie become polluted? What What was the Lorax story actually portraying Why lake Erie was polluted because, people kept throwing
trash on the ground and the lake which kept getting worse and worse each day, but one day they decided to clean the lake out because, there was fish bones, trash, and algae everywhere. How Lake Erie's Pollution Happened Because Of Companies
That Dumped Pollution and Waste Into The Lake. The Type Of Person That Would Do Something Like This Is Someone Who Is Crazy Will Greed and Money. Who Where? Where did this pollution occur? Lake Erie became polluted during the 1960's and it continued into the 1970's The Lorax story was actually portraying how people who lived near Lake Erie, dumped trash into the lake, killed the animals in it and let algae grow in it. In the story of the lorax the oncler were the people who dumped the trash in the lake. Instead of using a lake, Dr.Seuss made it unique by using trees. Then the thneeds that everyone needs are all of the trash people dumped. Pollution occurred in the one of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie. The Once-ler in the book stands for companies that don't care about the environment and will do anything for money.The Lorax from the book represents all companies and protesters against dumping products in an animals environment.
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