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Wicked Social Problem-Child & Youth Mental Health Collaborative

No description

Dave Mackenzie

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Wicked Social Problem-Child & Youth Mental Health Collaborative

Wicked Social Problem...
Child & Youth Mental Health

CYMH Stats
School systems are not
responsible for meeting every need of their students.
But when the need directly affects learning
, the school must meet the challenge…
Carnegie Task Force on Education 1989

CYMH & Schools
4 students
in BC will experience a mental
health related challeng
Educational Partners
Social Problem
incomplete or contradictory knowledge
the number of people and
opinions involved
the large
interconnected nature of these problems with other problems
Schools are well positioned to be at the vanguard of public health strategies designed to prevent and detect mental health disorders among young people.
Canadian Council of Learning
Estimated 1.2 million Canadian children and youth are affected by mental illness—yet less than 20 per cent will receive appropriate treatment
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