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Smart Grid Technology

No description

Bryan Rivard

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Smart Grid Technology

Smart Grid Technology Bryan Rivard
Steven Nelson
Carl Friedmann Presentation Outline
Electric Vehicles
Consumer Choice Products
Renewable Energy
Green Building Standards
Questions Background Current United States power grid
Prone to breaking down
Extremely wasteful
Utility companies don't even know of a power outage until a customer calls them What is a smart grid?
A grid that delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using two-way digital technology
Can track how much electricity each individual is using
Help reduce the amount of peak demands each day
Makes renewable energy much more efficient Green Building Standards LEED Certification
Ranges from being simply certified to platinum level
Energy and Atmosphere portion awards points to buildings for innovative strategies that reduce that buildings dependence on the grid.

Passive Solar Heating and Cooling Utilizes lower angled sun in the winter as heat source
Thermal mass flooring
Natural Ventilation for cooling FortZed 50 mile radius in Fort Collins, CO
Goal: Create a district that creates as much thermal and electrical energy locally as it uses
Increased energy efficiency and develop renewable power The Electric Car Current power grid can handle replacement of 73% of light vehicles with use of smart grid technology
This shift to electric vehicles would reduce US oil consumption by 52% (6.2 million barrels per day)
Smart grids will tell your car when to charge to reduce peak demands.
Current cars that can be charged at home are Chevy Volt, Tesla Roadster, and Nissan Leaf
Consumer Choice Consumer will be connected with up to date data of energy use in their home
Control over when devices operate by use of internet
Device shown will be placed in everything from refrigerators to water heaters to reduce peak demand
Consumer Choice (Ames) Ames Electric currently has a program called Prime Time Power that utilizes smart grid technology.
Small device attached to residential air conditioning units.
Consumer receives $5 credit each month during the summer months.
Renewable Energy Storage of Renewable Energy
Smart grids can economically store energy that is produced
The current grid can not store renewable energy and have to use it as soon as it is produced
Use it when peak demands are high

Transportation of Renewable Energy
Currently very expensive
Smart grids can transfer the energy to areas that need electricty much more quickly and a lot cheaper Conclusion The smart grid could be part of a solution to the energy problem
Electric vehicles, consumer choice products, renewable energy and efficient build design are all parts to this solution Questions
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