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Welcome Parents and Guardians!

No description

Lauren S

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of Welcome Parents and Guardians!

Thematic Units
Questions or Comments???
First Grade
"Art is Everywhere"
Second Grade
Third Grade
"Seeing Like an Artist"
Fourth Grade
"The Art of Design"
Fifth Grade
"What Makes Art, Art?"
Sixth Grade
"Thinking Like an Artist"
Seventh Grade
"Who am I as an Artist?"
Eighth Grade
"Art Has Meaning"
"Everyone is an Artist"
Ask away!

Or feel free to email me anytime at :
Recycled Items/ Donations
About Miss Slocum...
This is my 6th year at Gibbsboro School

Yearbook Adviser & Art Director for Drama Productions

I also work at "
Painting With a Twist
" in Mt. Laurel and Marlton

I have a hedgehog and two rats
"Basics and Fundamentals"
Don’t throw that out! The Art Room might be able to use it!
• Baby wipes/ Lysol wipes
• Old Calendars
(Art/Photography Calendars)
• Newspapers
• Zip lock bags
• Gently used colored pencils, markers, and crayons
• Sponges
• Old plastic work boxes
• Coffee filters
• Paper Towel Rolls
• Colorful fabric scraps
• Beads, sequins, ribbons
• Garden Rocks
• Styrofoam trays
• Old unusable Cd’s (internet disks, unplayable scratched disks, broken file disks)

Some Personal Art from the past year:
Sir Quilliam
Bailey and Penelope
Ask about:
Primary Colors
Famous artists:
Mondrian, Max
Color Families
Ask About:
Famous artists:
VanGogh, Kandinsky
Abstract Art
Ask About:
Using Art to tell a story
Historical art styles
Art from around the world
Ask About:
Using Observation in art
Famous Artists:
Klimt, Monet, Cezanne, Marc
Drawing with Value
Ask About:
The Principles of Design
Radial Design
Visual Balance
Famous artists:
Haring, O'Keeffee, Litchtenstein
Ask About:
Controversial Art
Famous Artists:
Warhol, Picasso, Duchamp, Vasarely
"Being the Artist"
Ask about:
Rule of Thirds
Grid Drawing
Thumbnail Sketching
Ask about:
Non-Traditional Self portraits
Self Identity
Expressive Art
Famous Artists:
Escher, Dali, Magritte
Ask About:
Planning out an Artwork
Ancient Egypt
One-point Perspective
Art Mediums
Why Art?
Brain Development
Fine Motor
Emotional Intelligence
Problem Solving
Future Careers
ART IS ETERNAL: aka You will never NOT have art in your life.
(You never read job postings requesting:
"Non-creative Type, must have little to no imagination. Closed mindedness is a plus)
Art Muscles!
What better way to learn history than becoming a part of it?
Creating opportunity for success, Visual complex Expression, sharing surprises
Never just one answer.
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