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jason b

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of ufo

By Jason Barbosa
UFO Presentation
UFO abduction and
UFO conspiracy
Does government have UFO information
Top verified UFO sighting
Sources website
Most UFO are symmetrical shapes usually with smooth and
featureless surface. UFO create light and some time UFO have attachment for example[fin/aerial/most are extension. In the day UFO glows a white metallic shine because they have non-reflective matte black.They have flat bottom saucer and the top looks like a helmet sliver dome bowl.
This is going to be on a article I found, first story talks about twins who experienced being
abducted from childhood to adulthood. They
described how the aliens looked liked from skin
color to eyes.They say they were abducted in a
spaceship and say aliens mind erase you and you
keep bits of memories of it.They shed tears
why me when they wake up from the abduction.

Another story is from a former U.S marine it talks about he got a picture of a UFO he said it was a orb of light.Then later he said someone was trying to get to his house then suddenly aliens appeared it, suddenly the marine was paralyzed and can only move his eyes then said he experience missing time for 2 nights he said missed 4 hours not a result of sleep. These are their stories. 2
Most Americans believe the government is hiding
UFO information. 36 percent of American believe
aliens have visited earth and almost 80 percent
believe the government kept UFO information a
secret away from the public.

1: http://www.hyper.net/ufo/overview.html
2: http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/story?id=8330290

4: http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/UFO+conspiracy+theories
This is my presentation thank you for watching
comment rate thank you for listening to my
Description on UFO
A UFO conspiracy theory is any one of
many often overlapping conspiracy theory which argue that evidence of the reality of unidentified flying object is being suppressed by the government. such theories are often intentionally hoaxed,and are backed by little or no evidence, and absolutely no reliable evidence despite significant research on the subject by non governmental scientific agencies, and therefore, are considered pseudoscience.
I am going to show the top verified UFO sighting first is one Chicago o' Hare event in 2006. It talks about a hovering object was seen in the middle of the day by passengers,pilots and air traffic controllers many people took cell phone pictures of the object. Also the FAA did a investigation an it was concluded that they did not what it is.
Next is phoenix light in 1997 it talks about a big aircraft with number of lights estimated to be as big as a football field.It was seen from 7:30-10:30 seen by thousand of people and captured by news.It was believed the military did it but the military admitted they did not do it.
Lastly is a astronaut saw UFO it talks about number of astronauts reporting seeing UFO and structures on the moon. Gordon Cooper wrote a book and went on number of interviews showing his UFO encounter.After that he became a UFO supporter.
Ways to find a UFO
1: you can do some stargazing
2: Avoid big places like city
3: Look out for daylight discs
4: Always have your UFO spotting bag like [camera, laptop, telescope etc.
5: Do no try to hard to find a UFO like if you are awake at midnight just sleep you can try tomorrow do not rush your self. 3
UFO photos
UFO hoaxes
hoaxes is an act intended to trick or deceive for
example UFO hoaxes are a big one there are many example like many videos on youtube.Also today there many computer software to make UFO hoaxes for example photoshop.Some of the biggest hoaxes
are the Roswell alien autopsy film and Roswell
crash wreckage video in 1995 and they have been confirmed.In my opinion UFO hoaxes are a
letdown because I want to know that UFO are actually real and I want to prove people wrong.Here are some UFO hoax pictures. 6
Places you might
find a UFO around the world
1: Arizona, United States
2:California, United States
3:Bonnybridge, Scotland
4:Mexico City, Mexico
5:Colorado, United States
6:New Mexico, United States
7:Warminster, Wiltshire, England 7
American who believe in
A new survey find that 80million American
believe that UFO are real. 1 in ten responded that they personally seen a UFO. 8
UFO defintion
An unidentified flying object.
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