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Soccer & the Fashion World

No description

David Hutchins

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Soccer & the Fashion World

Do you think soccer can be transformed into a mainstream sport in the United States?
Presented by Group Four:

Anna Gregory
Tabitha Hodge
Winta Embaye
David Hutchins
Though soccer hasn't historically held as much traction as other mainstream sports in the US, viewership among the Z generation has steadily been on the incline.
The boom in social media and ease of TV streaming also has led to higher volumes of US soccer awareness
Though current fashion doesn't play a key role in the increase in soccer awareness in the US, if sponsors were to target known role models, the US could begin to create value through soccer
Addition of local teams will increase soccer interests

Is FIFA’s “sartorial strategy” likely to influence Americans’ perception of soccer?
Is FIFA’s fashion approach to marketing likely to positively influence Americans’ perception of soccer?

The strategy does increase merchandise sales, but a change in perspective requires alignment of material and non material cultural components.
Abstract cultural components are reflected in a country's preference in sports, fashion entertainment, etc...

Change in attitude toward soccer + appeal to fashion= effective strategy

Soccer & the Fashion World
Article Summary
With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, FIFA faced a number of challenges pertaining to security, ticketing and transportation. The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil, where key infrastructure areas such as, telecommunications and airports are underdeveloped. What must FIFA do to ensure the 2014 World Cup is successful?
Soccer & the Fashion World
Answer: NO
Ensure airports are staffed and trained to handle the large influx in business
Provide adequate modes of transportation between cities
Build stadiums with solid infrastructure
Reduce crime
Soccer has always been a large cash cow around the world and gains plenty of traction via fashion sponsorships
Tag Apparel Group (FIFA contractors) are fusing fashion with soccer in attempt to increase the popularity of soccer among Americans
By selling T-shirts, hoodies , and official match balls, FIFA is attempting to increase soccer’s place in mainstream U.S. culture.
2010 FIFA launched a collection in 12 countries
5 separate lines
Theme: 1904 the founding year
Limited edition retro T’s
In addition to FIFA's recent attempt on stylish soccer-themed clothing lines, David Beckham has been at the forefront with Adidas for years promoting and selling a semi-successful clothing line.
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