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How Clouds Formed and Why it Rains

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James Stokes

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of How Clouds Formed and Why it Rains

Since the time when the Sky Spirit came down to earth, he and his family lived at the base of Mount Shasta. The Sky Spirit would go out every day and create new things, spreading them across the world.
The Sky Spirit Story
A myth by:
James Stokes, Spencer Boyle, and Nolan Baker

Squad Leader
As the Sky Spirit grew older, he got married. He taught his children how to ride the horses and eventually how to fly on them. The Sky Spirit and his kid's enjoyed riding around the foot of the mountain together.
The family continued to live at the base of the mountain. The boy remained in fear that their father would see the snow. On the hottest day of the year, the snow began to melt. At first it melted slowly, but soon begin to fall rapidly. The water fell, hitting the ground, creating new streams and rivers.
The father turned to address his family, “Who has provoked this strange event? If the one who caused this does not speak up, I will ask my wind spirits.”
The god’s terrified son decided that it might be better to speak up before the problem escalated. The son spoke up, “I did it, father. I rode my horse across the sky and accidentally hit the tip of the mountain. I used the wind to hold the snow in the sky so you would not notice what I had done.”
The Sky Spirit was furious. He took away his son's power. Then he exiled the horses to the unknown lands. The Spirit also took away the horses power of flight so they could not fly away. They were forced to stay there until they were found by humans, who tamed and learned to ride them.
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Fearing that his father would notice, he quickly used the wind to push the snow into the sky. As the snow flew up, it broke apart, spreading across the sky. The boy then returned to their home at the base of the mountain, and hoped that his father would not notice that white objects now floated slowly across the sky.
All other images were using Prezi Clipart
One day, the boy flew his horse up to the mountain, despite being told not to. He flew dangerously clos to the tip. On one pass, his horse bucked, and they hit the snow on the top of the mountain. This made a huge shock and sent the pair flying, starting an avalanche
One day, the Sky Spirit created a new animal that he called a horse. The new animal could run like the wind, so fast they could fly, and they could be tamed. The Sky Spirit trained several and taught his family how to ride his newest creation. He gave a horse to every member of his household. The horses spread across the world, going as far as Europe.

The Sky Spirit decided that because the snow was doing no harm, he would leave them to float around the world. He named the new object 'clouds'. That is why when it rains, the snow is melting and falling back to earth.
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