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The Ezo Momonga

No description

Meli Lechat

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of The Ezo Momonga

The Ezo Momonga
An... Ezo momonga ?
The ezo momonga is a type of flying squirrel. It lives on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.
"Ezo", is another name for Hokkaido, and "momonga" means flying squirrel. So,it is a flying squirrel from Hokkaido.
Can... Can it fly ?!
Yes !
Do you want another proof ?
Here you can see an ezo momonga practice which flies !
How about the life of an ezo momonga ?
It is very difficult to see an ezo momonga because they live in trees.
They eat peanuts.
When the temperature is about -10 ° C, they turn into a ball and they get toghether to warm themselves up.
The ezo momonga huge and black eyes and little paws. It mesures about 15 cm. It has a lot of skin for fly.
I hope you enjoy my presentation.
Goodbye !
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