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Jesse Ebreo

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of THE LION MAKERS

The lion makers
jeanne elyanna ebreo

is an ancient Indian inter-related collection of animal fables in verse and prose, in a frame story format.
Four Brahmans
~ 1st Brahman : assembles the skeleton
~2nd Brahman: supplies skin, flesh, and blood
~3rd Brahman :gives life

In early Indian History, the title Brahman was given to the learned people in the highest caste of society. The Brahmans were those men who were highly educated and who understood and carried out the duties of the priesthood i the Hindu religion.
Long long ago in a certain town
in India, the forest
Man vs. Man
The three Brahmans vs. The sensible Brahman during their confrontation about bringing the
lionback to life
The sensible Brahman realized that scholarship is less than sense.
The four Brahmans went on a journey to test their scholarship
The four Brahmans went on a journey to test their scholarship
They found the bones of a dead lion and the senseless scholars agreed to bring it back to life.
The lion was revived and killed the first three Brahmans while the sensible Brahmansaved himself.
The sensible Brahman survived because he climbe up the tree.
Theme/ Moral
“What we think, or what we
know, or what we believe, is, in the end, of little consequence. The
only consequence is what we do.”
-- John Ruskin
Scholarship - intelligence; high level of academic excellence-

Dullard - short-witted person-

Ripeness - extent of something; maturity of something
the 3 brahmans asked each other:

"How does being smart help us if we continue to live here where the people are poor and where there is no money to be made? We should travel to other parts of the world and use our wisdom to make ourselves rich."
The eldest:
"One of us does not deserve to be in our company." (while looking at the
4th brahman)

"Our companion has no education,
"He has only common sense! No one can become rich without a good education. I don't think we should share our earnings with him!"

The second
"You are right. Our friend has no education. Let us send him home instead of sharing our fortune with him that we will earn with our intelligence."
The third added:
No, no. This is not the way to behave. We have been friends since childhood. We should let him come with us. We will give him an equal part in all that we earn!"
The first two agreed after a long discussion to let the fourth Brahman continue with them on their journey. They walked along until they came to the bones of a dead lion.

"Here is a chance to show our ignorant friend how much we know. Here lie the bones of some dead creature. Let us see if we can bring it back to life by using all that we have learned." Then he added, "I know how to put a skeleton back together!"
"I can give it skin and cover it with flesh and give it blood."
I could breathe life back into the body.
Then, the 4th spoke up:
"My friends," "I concede that you have learned much more from books and schools than I have. But, my common sense tells me that we should not bring a lion back to life. I do not believe we are wise to do this. If he comes back to life, he will want to eat us."
The first three Brahmans were angry with him.
"We let you travel with us even though you are not very knowledgeable like we are. You know so very little, and yet you presume to know more than we do?
The 4th brahman stated:
"I only know what my common sense tells me," "However, if you intend to persist in bringing the dead lion back to life, please hold your efforts until I have climbed this tree."
After the fourth Brahman climbed the tree, the first three Brahmans completed their task of bringing the lion back to life. As the breath of life filled his lungs, the lion let out with a great roar and ate up all three scholars who were on the ground.
With a full stomach, the lion was not willing or able to climb the tree and eat the fourth Brahman. So the man with no formal education had the sense to climb down the tree and go back to his former home.
fourth year
FIN! =)
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