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Cyber Safety

No description

RhiannanAmber Boo

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Cyber Safety

CYBER SAFETY Cyber Safety Encourages
Being Safe Online There are many things you can do online: Shop Online Cyber Safety you can...
Music and Games Social Network with
Facebook Upload
Photos By Amber and Rhiannan Facebook Facebook When using the Internet there are many things you can be exposed to: There are people out there, to get YOU. There are many ways you can be in danger when you're online. Cyber bullying
Identity theft
Predators Cyber bullying is any kind of bullying which is done by the use of technology such as:
Mobile Phones
Social Networking Websites
Online Chat rooms etc. Cyber Bullying Internet Fraud is where internet services are used to trick people into releasing specific amounts of personal information.
Fraud can occur by the use of chat rooms, email, message boards and websites. Fraud Is the result of Fraud. It involves the stealing of money or the gaining of certain benefits by pretending to be someone else.
Identity Theft includes:
Using your credit card to make purchases/open bank accounts
Take out loans
Use your name to conduct illegal business Identity Theft A predator is someone online that
uses the internent to target vunerable children or teens, usually for sexual or other abusive reasons.
They do this by the use of:
Chat rooms
Instant messaging
Social networking sites
Online video games Predators Never Release Personal Information Online Be Aware of the Dangers that are Online And Stay Cyber-Safe! We will now play you a video.
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