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TripAdvisor and the TripAdvisor Media Network

An overview of TripAdvisor travel sites and the millions of consumers who visit them.

james moore

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of TripAdvisor and the TripAdvisor Media Network

The world's most Popular and Largest Travel Community TripAdvisor was founded in February 2000 as an unbiased resource to research and plan all aspects of travel
Where to Go…

Where to Stay…

How to Get There…

& What to Do When You Arrive
Our Values & Philosophy Travelers know everything:
We tap into their collective knowledge and enable the connection to share their experiences and advice

We are transparent – We do not edit or filter content
Bigger is better:
More opinions and more input surfaces relevant information

Freshness and speed of information provides the best consumer experience.
Our Mission:
Help travelers around the world plan & have the perfect trip
Our Audience
51% Male, 49% Female
High Household Income
59% over $60k
22% over $100k
65% of visitors are 25-54 years of age
43% of visitors are 35-54 years of age
62% of visitors are 35+ years of age

High percentage level of frequent travelers
32% Engage in Heavy Domestic Travel
14% Participate in Heavy International Travel**
* Source: ComScore March 2010
Over 42 million unique travelers visit TripAdvisor sites per month and create 315+ million page views* ** Source: ComScore data for TripAdvisor Index 198 – Stayed 3-4 Weeks at a Hotel during Domestic Vacation (last 12 mo.)
Index 547 – Made 7-10 Domestic Trips (last 12 mo.)

Index 212 – Engaged in Heavy International Travel (last 3 yrs.)
Index 840 – Took 16-20 Personal International Trips (last 3 yrs.)
Index 239 – Spent 2 Weeks at a Hotel on Vacation Internationally

Index 225 – Relaxed at a Resort/Spa (last 12 mo.)
Index 647 – Spent $7,500 to $9,999 Online for Travel (last 6 mo.)
Index 213 – Purchased a Personal Vacation Package Online (last 6 mo.)
Audience – Leisure Travelers* * ComScore Audience – Business Travelers* Index 412 – Left on 5-6 Domestic Business Trips (last 12 mo.)
Index 412 – Spent 3-4 Weeks at a Hotel on Business Domestically

Index 1014 – Took 11-15 International Business Trips (last 3 yrs.)
Index 386 – Stayed 3-4 Weeks at a Hotel on Business Internationally
* ComScore TripAdvisor Content Over 30 million unbiased reviews and opinions
Over 5,000 new reviews are created daily (3.5 / minute)
15 million+ registered members
By destination, we provide user reviews of:
71,528 Cities
462,723 Hotels
93,460 Attractions
581,272 Restaurants
Interactive Maps
Traveler Lists
Comprehensive Destination Guides
Weekend Getaway ideas

Links to Online Travel Agents, Hotels, and Airlines

Views into Hotels, Attractions, and More
1,380,00+ Traveler Photos
18,000+ Videos
Social Networking Applications
Key User Features TripAdvisor Media Media Network Includes TripAdvisor and 6 other travel websites
Proprietary, brand-safe and family friendly network
Run of Network and IP/Geo targeted impressions provide large and targeted reach for brands
Great demos, attractive and engaged audience
With 65 million unique monthly visitors TAMN has become invaluable tool for major brand marketers
Our position in the Marketplace TripAdvisor Media Network (TAMN) is the
World’s largest best of breed travel community network.
Our Mission is to help travelers around the world plan
& have the perfect trip.

What it Means to Our Advertisers...you get an engaged
audience with incredible affinity across the network.
TAMN sites An incredibly large audience with tremendous site affinity allows for strong targeting and results*
Our Audience Size *ComScore July 2009 Display Opportunities Home Page Display Opportunity - Destination Umbrella Campaigns Newsletters: TripWatch, and Member Update Research iProspect’s “Search Engine Marketing and Online Display Advertising Integration Study,” conducted by Forrester Consulting
“This study speaks to the power of display to drive search, and it demonstrates search’s ability to boost the effectiveness of display.”
More than half of internet users (52%) actively respond to display advertising on ad-supported websites, and among them, almost as many initially respond to an ad by conducting a search as those who click on the ad.
Internet users initially respond to online display advertising as follows:
31% respond by directly clicking on an ad.
27% respond by searching for the product, brand, or company by launching a search on a search engine.
21% respond by typing the company web address into their browser and directly navigating to the website.
9% respond by investigating the product, brand, or company through social media venues.
The study also examined consumer behavior that takes place after the initial response to a display ad and found that nearly half of internet users who respond to online ads eventually perform a search related to an ad they see.
49% who respond to online display ads launch a search on a search engine for the company, product, or brand that was the focus of the ad to which they were exposed.
38% eventually perform a search and visit the website from the search results.
14% perform a search , visit the web site from search and actually purchase the product .
11% search but do not click on any of the results .
Other study findings:
Familiarity breeds response: One third of internet users (33%) who respond to online display advertising eventually purchase from a company/offering with which they are familiar - more than twice the number who eventually purchase after learning of an offering/company for the first time from online display advertising (14%).
38% who respond to online display advertising learn about a brand for the first time as a result of their exposure to this type of ad.
The expanding role of user-generated hotel reviews The role of user-generated reviews is exploding. TripAdvisor™ attracts nearly 30 million monthly visitors and 88% of these visitors are influenced by content they read. Word-of-mouth adds a layer of credibility and is more effective than other more formal forms of promotion.

Why is this important?  Because with an increasing number of user-generated reviews and people reading and acting on them, the impact of guest satisfaction and dissatisfaction is multiplied and has a quicker economic impact. 

Who reads hotel reviews?
According to the latest Market Metrix Hospitality Index™ results, one in five hotel customers read a review about a property before booking that hotel.  Luxury guests (25%) and Timeshare guests (23%) were more likely to read a review before purchase.

Guests who read a review prior to their stay were more satisfied with their experience (+2) and were more likely to recommend that hotel (+4) compared to guests who did not read a review.  This is not surprising.  Reviews often provide guests with clearer and more realistic expectations for their hotel experience.  Younger leisure travelers and women are more likely to read reviews prior to hotel selection.

Among luxury hotels, more Le Meridian guests read reviews prior to their stay (32%) compared to guests of other luxury brands.  Interestingly, Le Meridian also had the lowest rate of loyalty for the same period suggesting that reviews are helpful for new or uncommitted guests.

http://www.tripadvisor.com/VideoGallery-g52842-d730099-i17247140-Schrute_Farms-Honesdale_Pennsylvania.html Advertising That People Trust Recommendations from Consumers Generate Highest Levels of Trust
“Indicate your overall level of trust in the following forms of advertising”
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