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library concept mapping: visualizing the 7cs.

Presentation at the All Staff meeting at the Claremont Colleges Library, June 1 2011, in collaboration with Sean Stone, Alex Chappell, and Gale Burrow. Overview of concept mapping and rationale/goals for a Library curriculum/outreach mapping pilot.

char booth

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of library concept mapping: visualizing the 7cs.

LIBRARY CONCEPT MAPPING: cross-campus insight Understand & compare similar services or projects at each campus usable knowledgebase identify priorities nonlinear fluid relational if after *after the learning curve, and if you take to it. 1 2 3 introduce prezi outline positives/negatives guided exploration what's this about? http://tinyurl.com/ucblibprezi-colab A "concept mapping" pilot project using mindomo.com to gain insight into various aspects of the 7cs: curriculum, outreach, etc.

At the moment, a few intrepid & interested Instruction Services librarians. In the future, *hopefully* many more of you.

Because concept mapping is very useful for understanding a place as complex as the Claremont Colleges (or the library, or the contents of your own head, and so forth). the library's perspective: outreach mapping visualizing the 7cs if after *after the learning curve, and if you take to it. who is involved? why should i care? Find areas of potential collaboration and/or outreach Collaborate, publish, and share with colleagues & others visual recordkeeping track and compare instruction coverage at each campus focus on needs link and organize instruction mapping embed syllabi, link to course descriptions and websites clearly perceive areas that require additional coverage and identify their contact points what is a concept map? what we're using: mindomo.com next steps Engage more library staff in creating their own maps. Create a mothership account to centralise and publish.

Attend trainings scheduled later in the summer, and/or contact Char directly in the interim for more information.

Go to tinyurl.com/claremontlibmapping how to get involved find this presentation: unique and challenging
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