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How is it made?

No description

Tianna Knuckles

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of How is it made?

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Known as "alumina," aluminum compounds were used to prepare medicines in ancient Egypt. What did Egyptians use alumina for ? Alumina was used to set cloth dyes during the Middle Ages. What did medieval people use alumina for? In 1866 two scientists working separately in the United States and France concurrently developed what became known as the Hall-Héroult method of separating alumina from oxygen by applying an electrical current. What 2 countries worked together to develop the Hall-Héroult method of separating alumina? Pittsburgh Reduction Company What is Hall company name? The most significant aluminum ore is bauxite, named after the French town of Les Baux where it was discovered in 1821. What is the most significant source of aluminum ore? Concentrated deposits are found in both the northern and southern hemispheres, with most of the ore used in the United States coming from the West Indies, North America, and Australia. Where does most of the aluminum ore used in the United States come from? How is it made ? By: Tianna Knuckles Refining
Rolling foil
Finishing process List the 4 steps in the Bayer refining process. Smelting, which separates the aluminum-oxygen compound (alumina) produced by the Bayer process, is the next step in extracting pure, metallic aluminum from bauxite. What happens during the Smelting process? This is accomplished in a rolling mill, where the material is passed several times through metal rolls called work rolls. As the sheets (or webs) of aluminum pass through the rolls, they are squeezed thinner and extruded through the gap between the rolls. How is aluminum foil rolled? It can also be cut, formed into any shape, printed, embossed, slit into strips, sheeted, etched, and anodized. List 6 ways aluminum can be finished ? Other important properties are thickness and tensile strength.
Temperature and time
What are the important quality control properties ? manufacturers are increasing their efforts in the recycling area and already has the advantage of being light and small, which helps reduce its contribution to the solid waste stream. It also uses less energy.
Name two ways aluminum is environmentally friendly?
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