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Why Disney is Evil

Persuasion Prezi Project

Shawn Domgaard

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Why Disney is Evil

Disney is perpetuating the standard of an unrealistic, idealist body image to young girls. Role Models? Not so positive messages Cinderella Dreams do come true Actual Message Supposed Message True love conquers all A little compromise with evil is okay, as long as everything works out okay in the end!
Ariel wanted to live on shore and find love so bad that she made a "deal" with a "devil" and "sells" her beautiful voice, or "soul" so to speak. The Little Mermaid "You'll have your looks, your pretty face..." Beauty and The Beast Bestiality? Why not? A girl that READS?! Weirdo. Actual Message Supposed Message It is the inside that matters. Stockholm Syndrome anyone? Underneath the abusive exterior of your man is a loving heart he's just dying to share with you. Actual Message Disappearing Waistlines If you wait around long enough, the Universe will practically hand stuff to you Supposed Message So don't worry, girls. Some kind of "Fairy Godmother" will sweep into your life at any moment, and find you a man to take care of everything. Just keep wishing! Living with 7 men...completely normal. Culture informs media, but it is not entirely one sided. Little girls who grow up idolizing impossibly thin princesses soon become young women who buy into the idea that thin is the only acceptable form of beauty and one should strive to be thin, regardless of the price. Ugly guy never gets the girl If you line the princesses up chronologically, in the order their movies were released you can notice a trend. Noticeably smaller waistlines. Although Snow White starts off incredibly thin, as time goes by the princesses only get thinner and thinner. The 1960s are when the real thin ideal came into its full force in our culture – is it a coincidence that Disney princesses had started shrinking in the decade before? Disney Distorts Body Image And about everything else Fat and/or ugly people are evil And we all know about those subliminal messages... Disney Conglomerate Does the fact that Disney is a massive, profit-driven corporation have any effect on the kinds of stories it tells? The first answer can be found in this quote by Disney's CEO: "We have no obligation to make history, we have no obligation to make art, we have no obligation to make a statement. To make money is our only objective." Michael Eisner, CEO
The Walt Disney Company.
(Internal Memo
to Employees) If their only obligation is to make money, that would start to clear up a few things. For Example: It shows how they are capitalizing on how our world is becoming more infatuated with efficiency and predictability, to the point they always expect it (Ritzer 1993). The first sacrifice made to obtain these things are creativity and quality. Good ol' Walt never intended for those things to happen.
Especially Hannah Montana. Or maybe he did. We may never know.
But we do know that Disney is now a
full-blown money making machine. Disney spent over 8 billion dollars
on the acquisition of Marvel and
Lucasfilm inc. in the past six years
alone. But that's just chump
change for a company
like Disney. As of Nov.
8 2012, they had a fiscal
year totaling over
(Variety Magazine Nov
2012) How Disney spends its money is the evil genius part.

They buy your childhood.

Think about it.

From Disneyland to The Muppets, they have you covered. Naked Woman? Penis castle? Really Disney? Happy to see me? Yeah I would fix that too They are monopolizing the narratives of all generations. By acquiring the companies they have, they can now perpetuate nostalgia. They make profits off of memories by making sequels of old favorites, while still manipulating the younger generations with their movies. Hayes and Tantleff-Dunn brought 121 girls aged 3 to 6 into their lab and showed them video clips for 14 minutes. Half the girls watched princess clips; half watched non-princess cartoons like Dora, Clifford, and Dragon Tales. Then each girl was given 15 minutes to enjoy herself in a play room, and the scholars recorded how many of those minutes were spent in appearance-related play, such as sitting at the vanity or changing clothes in front of the mirror. The Results Research 31% of the little girls said they always worry about being fat; 18% sometimes worry about it When asked what they would change about their physical appearance… these girls wanted to change their hair color, their clothes, and their skin color. According to these young girls in Orlando (40 percent of whom were nonwhite). Apparently, it helps to be a princess if your hair is blond and skin is white. Results By Shawn, Kierra, and Jessica Aladdin wasn't talking to the tiger. Disney:
The Poison Apple Generation sex. Money. Disney has construed Narrative into a molding device. According to Larry Browning, an expert in Narratology: "Narrative is a strategy for sense-making that is counter to a rational-scientific model...[their] arguments are persuasive to the extent that audiences see good reasons in them, regardless of the form." Disney's Narratives use their form to push their hidden agenda, persuading audiences through inundation of our senses with subliminal messaging and faulty expectations. They are not motivated by quality entertainment, but rather, a sense of corruption through purity. They want your money and your values with a mask of innocence, building a foundation that molds your future as well as your children's. Therefore, if you're looking to see if the fact that Disney is a Multi-Billion Dollar Company changes the way they make stories; the answer is yes, yes it does. And according to Michael Eisner, that's the only reason they make stories, "To make money is [their] only objective." So think about these things the next time you sit down to watch your favorite Disney Movie, and think about what you're giving up and giving in to. The
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