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No description

Aimee Hunter

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of GROWS

aining Trust
in the Customer
pportunity for Growth
Build Rapport:
Establish Credibility:
- Use active listening to find customer values
- Demonstrate empathy
Offer to Enroll:
Recap Important Information:
- Have you resolved their issue?
- You are the expert!
- Product knowledge
- Industry knowledge
- Confidence
espond and Research
Investigate for Growth Potential:
- Respond to their primary concern
- Open or closed door?
- Can you assist through the product?
- Ask the customer to sign up
- Contribute to the vision
- Take ownership of company success
Match Features to Customer Benefit:
- Find the "What's in it for me?"
- Don't list all features
"Taking care of our customers"
"Harvest the fruits of great service "
"Planting the seeds with service"
" Customers are the roots of our business"
-Manage and prevent objections
"Promote the regrowth of business"
"Blossoming new business"
- First call resolution
- Prevent buyer's remorse
and call backs
Gaining Trust:
- Customers need to trust in order to buy
- Customer treatment determines trust
- This stage continues throughout the call
- Use the customer's name
"Building customer relationships"
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