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Noah and Cedric

a supernova is a explosion of some massive super giant star.

noah schwab

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Noah and Cedric

Supernova's occur when stars 8 to 20 times the size of our sun run out of fuel to burn and swell up into huge red giants. When the supernova occurs its explosion is about 180 times the size of our sun. Some things we found interesting are that it shines with the brightness of 10 billio suns and the energy off of the supernova is the same as the sun during a 10 billion year life time. Supernova's are located about 7500 light years away from earth. Are object was discovered because there have only been 8 supernova's known to be recorded. The last one was seen on February 24, 1987. It was so bright that astronomers could study every wave length of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can still see it today which remins in the crab nebula. A supernova is a explosion of some massive supergiant star. A supernova interacts with the planets its surronding and the galaxy that its in. When it occurs the explosion can wipe out the planets in its area, it also sends a burst of X-rays, radio energy, and cosmic rays throughout the galaxy. The significance of a supernova is that it is a massive explosion that only happens when a star explodes. it also seems to give out a huge shock wave of energy. CITATIONS We tried clicking on the website but it didnt take us to it
and then we were gonna ask you but you looked too busy.
Also Mr.B is super cool and shouldn't mark us down for it. :)
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