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Welcome to Introduction to Psychology - Basic Processes

No description

Ersin Asliturk

on 7 January 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to Introduction to Psychology - Basic Processes

Okanagan College, Fall 2016
PSY111 Sections 6, 8, 10
Introduction to Psychology: Basic Processes

What will this course offer to you?
Make-up Exam Policy
What you can expect from me
and What I expect from you
Student Evaluation
This course is an overview of the vast field of psychology and it is designed to illustrate the scientific research and results on human behaviour.

1. History of Psychology
2. Methods
3. Neuroscience
4. Sensesation and Perception
5. Consciousness
6. Memory
7. Learning
8. Language and Thought
9. Intelligence
Why should you take this course?
Psychology is an interesting/fascinating discipline!
You will enjoy learning and growing with what you learn!

reasons could be:
You need a college diploma. You will need a job.
You are expected to do this.

Instrumental rationality may not always be helpful. Think twice.
Prepare clear course outline.
Prepare for the class.
Start the class on time and end on time.
Focus on the class and facilitate student learning.
Conduct valid assessment of student learning (i.e., fair testing)
Receive feedback from you and do necessary changes.
Answer your questions using Blackboard e-mail.
Use office hours
Treat you respectfully and professionally
Read and consult the course outline (especially whenever you have a question).
Prepare for the class.
Arrive on time, remain in the class for the duration of the class.
Focus on the class and not engage in distracting activities (e.g., talking, text messaging, updating your status on Facebook etc.).
Prepare well for the exams. Bring your ID, pencils and eraser!
Provide feedback to the professor.
E-mail to the professor for critical questions.
Come to office hour.
Treat me respectfully and professionally.
Required Textbook
Schacter, D.L., Gilbert, D.T., Wegner, D.M., Nock, M.K., & Johnsrude, I. (2014). Psychology. (3rd Canadian Ed.). Toronto. ON: Worth Publishers.
With a Launchpad account.
Exam #1, 20%
Exam #2, 20%
Exam #3, 20%
Exam #4, 20%
Online Chapter Review Quizzes 15%
Online Learning Curve Exercises 5%
Except from
medical or other emergency situations,
a student who doesn’t participate in an exam will receive
from that exam! If there is an emergency, you have to let the professor know within
24 hours
. Make-up exams may significantly differ from regular exams! Materials and PPT files presented in the class are for students in the class, please don’t ask those slides and material.
Course Outline
Course Notes
PPT files won't be available. These are only for those who come to the class! Come and see: Detailed explanations, images, stories and videos.
Class presentation will provide a rich context for your learning.
Note: Launchpad registration: The online portion of our course is open for student registration. To register for the course go to: http://www.macmillanhighered.com/launchpad/schacter3ecanadian/3959733 You have three options to enroll in the course: you can purchase direct access, you can buy an access code, or you can get free 21 day access while deciding. To navigate and start using LaunchPad please consult the Get Started guide and/or view this video. If you have problems registering, purchasing, or logging in, please contact Customer Support. You can reach a representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: through the online form or by chat. Or by phone at (800) 936-6899:
: Exam questions may include short answer, essay type, multiple choice, and true/false/why. Materials covered in the class will also be included in the exams.

Learning Curve Exercises (Online):
These are Launchpad exercises for you to check your learning and better understand the material. There will be a total of 10 exercises and finishing one exercise will give you 0.5% credit towards your final grade. If you finish all the 10 exercises you will receive 5% credit. Your correct answer scores in each exercise don’t change the credit you will receive after finishing the exercise. In other words, upon completion of the exercise, you will receive full credit. Due dates of these exercises are Thursdays or Fridays, however, you can finish them whenever you want before the deadline when your content knowledge is fresh. It is your advantage to finish first Learning Curve Exercises and then the Quizzes.

Chapter Review Quizzes (Online):
There will be one quiz assigned for each chapter, using Launchpad. Overall 9 quizzes are worth 15% of your final grade. You have to ensure internet connectivity and consider last minute problems in advance. There is no make-up for quizzes. The purpose here is to engage students to weekly readings on time, during the semester.

Let's visit Launchpad!

Some questions that won't receive an answer (consult your syllabus)
What is included in the exam? What chapters or articles you sent?
I didn't like my exam grade, can I do something extra to pass the class? (No!)
Sections 8 and 10
Section 6
Office Hours
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Wednesdays and Fridays
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