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Lesson 12: From Ratio Tables to Double Number Lines

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Kaelyn James

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Lesson 12: From Ratio Tables to Double Number Lines

Lesson 12: From Ratio Tables to Double Number Lines
Exercise 2
The amount of sugary beverages Americans consume is a leading health concern. For a given brand of cola, a 12-ounce
serving of cola contains about 40 grams of sugar. Complete the ratio table, using the given ratio to find equivalent

Exercise 3
A 1-liter bottle of cola contains approximately 34 fluid ounces. How many grams of sugar would be in a 1-liter bottle of the cola? Explain and show how to arrive at the solution.

Use a double number line
A school cafeteria has a restriction on the amount of sugary drinks available to students. Drinks may not have more than 25 grams of sugar. Based on this restriction, what is the largest size cola (in ounces) the cafeteria can offer to students?

Lesson Summary
Double Number Line Diagram: a tool used for understanding the equivalence of two related numbers. It is called
“double” because each mark on the line has two numbers matched to it. The top row of numbers describes the
whole represented by the line in one way, and the bottom row describes the whole represented by the line in
another way. Because the whole line is the same, it is possible to see the equivalences between the rows of
numbers at any point on the line
Is coke healthy?
Cola (ounces) 6 12 18
Sugar 20 40 60
Cola (ounces) ___ 12 ____
Sugar (grams) _____ 40 ____
Cola (ounces) 6 12 18 ____ ____
Sugar (grams) 20 40 60 _____ _____
Extend the table
Cola (ounces) 6 12 18 30 36

Sugar (grams) 20 40 60 100 120
What happens if you extend the table and the
number you want is not there?
Double number line
Four-square time!!!
Make a double number line
Use page 40 to help you
Cola (ounces) 18 30 36

Sugar (grams) 60 100 120
How many marks is between each number?
Double Number Line
0 6 12 18

0 20 40 60
Problem set
Choose one or two to do.
Problem Set One

1. While shopping, Kyla found a dress that she would really like, but it costs $52.25 more than she has. Kyla charges
$5.50 an hour for babysitting. She wants to figure out how many hours she must babysit to earn $52.25 to buy the
dress. Use a double number line to support your answer.
Babysit 5.50 11 16.50 22 27.5 33 38.5 44 49.5 55

Hours 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Exit Ticket
Remeber how you will be graded on your exit ticket. Use your rubric.
What have we learned so far
about ratios?
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