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Gray - LinkedIN

Gray Construction and Linked In

Scott Clark

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Gray - LinkedIN

Gray Construction...
Linking In to Opportunity in 2011 Allows Individuals To Maintain A Dynamic, Online Resume Searchable
Updatable Otherwise Inacessible Persons Gives You The Ability To Reach Network Invitations
inMail Communication
Peer Introductions Allows You To Bridge The Gap Between the Audience and Content Network on Your Feet Gives You The Ability To Allows You To Build and Leverage Power of Networks Allows You To Discover Hidden Connections ..within your existing network Like-Minded Professionals Allows You To Join In Topical Discussions Allows You to Build Database of Contacts ...with a click (...even on the go.) Cannot Gives You a Place To Combine Company Headlines ...Directly to a Vetted Audience Research and Discover Blog Twitter Facebook LInking Construction 31,735 members
Commercial Real Estate and Development 11,963 Members
Automation and Control Engineering 9,216 members
Building Green, A Sustainable Group 9,304 members
Hospitality Group 8,783 members
Sustainable Construction and Planning (LEED) 7,445 members
Construction and Building Materials Professionals 5,654 members
The LEED Professional Group 4,158 members
Project Controls 4,186 members
Industrial Engineering 4,087 members
Green Building 3,752 members
McGraw Hill Construction 3,470 members
Healthcare Design COnnection 3,030 members
Industrial Automation and Controls 3,012 members
Building Commerce Connecting Facilities and Construction 2,740 members
American Institute of Steel Construction 2,589 members
A/E/C Industry Networking Group 2,475 members
Construction Health and Safety 2,339 members
Construction Networking 2,107 members
Contract Risks Mgmt Group Construction 1,950 members
Design Build Institute of America 1,836 members
Retail Construction Industry 1,787 members
Hotel Advisory Services 1,322 members
Construction Equipment Professionals 1,281 members
ISA AUomation Marketing and Sales Grou 1,169 members
Control and Automation TPN 1,127 members
Lean Construction Institute 1,003 members
Sustainable Heathcare Design 975 members
Site Selection Professionals 927 members
Green Hospital 924 members
High Performance Building Design 906 members
A/E/C Networking Group 820 members
Industrial Construction Professionals Group 805 members
Industrial Robotics 765 members
Industrial Refrigeration 718 members
Industrial Air Pollution Control 596 members
Industrial Maintenance 532 members
Senior Plant Engineering Professionals 482 members
Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Network 430 members What was his name?
How is she connected to her?
What types of things is he working on?
What types of things has she written?
... while in the airport, or while getting a drink. Search in Ways That Allows You To Google Q/A Time Let's say I wanted to
find someone at Dell
Internet Marketing Video Soon! Gray's Company Page Preparing contacts... Business Audience
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