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Writing Commandments

No description

Jennifer Drew

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Writing Commandments

Writing Commandments for the pre-AP/AP Student
Do not use text message language
Do not use there/their/they're, to/two/too,
your/you're, or its/it's incorrectly.
Avoid use of first-person language

Ex. I, me, we, and us

Also avoid using you.
Avoid using generic words and these words in particular: a lot, big, small, very, and extremely
Avoid using contractions
Use literary present tense (the author shows, not showed)
Try to avoid is/was when writing.
Aim to use more powerful verbs
Know what technique to use when writing a summary and when you are writing an analytical (one with evidence) piece
Don't throw random quotes in your paper. The quotes need to not only relate to your claim or thesis but also be explained through analysis.
Be mindful of your stance or position throughout your paper. Watch for anything that is contradictory or unclear.
Don't let your quotes run the paper; use quotes to
support your writing only and not the other way around.
Insight and opinion are two different things.
Your insight is what I want. (No I feel, I think).
"Things" and "stuff" don't help me understand your point. If you can't use a different word to explain it, then don't include it.
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