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Indie pop music

No description

Katie Kavic

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Indie pop music

Indie pop music What is Indie pop? What does Indie pop music sound like? What makes Indie pop different then other genres History of Indie pop music Credits Indie pop music is a genre or sub genre of alternative music or alternative rock, and is short for the name "Independent music". The word "indie" was used at a time to describe artists on independent labels. Indie pop music is a genre of alternative music along with the other genres such as Brit pop, Grunge, Indie rock, and a few more others. Indie rock is usually closely related to Indie rock, but differs in the fact the Indie pop is more melodic and less abrasive then Indie rock. The instruments usually tied into Indie pop music are vocals, guitar, bass, and the drums. Popular Indie pop artists/Bands today It all started in the mid-1980's, originating in the United Kingdom. Indie pop was inspired by Punk music's Do-It-Yourself Ethnic and the beliefs associated with punk culture.
The key moment in the naming of "Ìndie pop" as a genre was the release of NME's C86 Tape in 1986. It featured other artists in the tape, and soon because shorthand for a genre whose defining conventions were identified as jangling guitars, a love of '60's pop, and melodic power pop song structures. The C86 indie pop scene is now recognized as a pivotal moment for independent music in the UK. Indie pop still grows today, having a strong following, and not just in the UK but around the world. Wikipedia
Fun-We Are Young ft. Janelle Monàe Anjulie
A Fine Frenzy
The Decemberists
City and Colour
Ellie Goulding
Florence + The Machine
Foster The People
Imagine Dragons
Marina and the Diamonds
Mumford and Sons
Neon Trees
Tegan and Sara
Of Monsters And Men What makes Indie pop music so different then other genres is the sound and instruments used. The melodic, angst-free, less noisy sound makes the music so much better sounding. The instruments used (vocals, guitar, bass, & drums) are not used as much in modern day music, being that most music these days is techno style. This makes Indie pop music much more valuable and precious to all the genres of music out there. Made By- Katie Kavic 8-3
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