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How Shakespeare has Influenced Theatre!

CMST 101

David Trump

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of How Shakespeare has Influenced Theatre!

CMST 110 How Shakespeare Has Influenced Theatre William Shakespeare totally transformed
everything we know as
theatre; this is evidenced by
his moving storylines,
complex characters,
and current day
shows. While they all started happily, they always ended in death.

Wrote real events and added
feelings of emotions that span all cultures. Shylock Complex Characters Modern day
Merchant of
Venice? Shakespeare revolutionized theatre because
he wrote shows that appeal to the masses,
shows that people could relate to,
shows that are still performed today. There is nothing new in history.-
Ron Shaw Thesis: Tragedies Ironically, Shakespeare's tragedies are performed
more today than they were during his time. Stewert, B., Kalar, D., & Swanson, I. (8/31, 1998). Thinkquest. Retrieved from http://library.thinkquest.org/17467/ Made people laugh and have a good time. Sometimes the protagonist began in a bad place and, by the end, the events changed for the better. Most commonly performed because people during those times lives were not easy. (Schwartz, D. (2002, 12 1). Calpoly. Retrieved from http://cla.calpoly.edu/~dschwart/engl339/comedy.html) Told the tales of many famous kings
and emperors. Spanned from early Greek era to,
at the time,
current day England. My favorite work of Shakespeare!!! Constantly beat up and abused all of his life
because he is both a tax collector and a jew. While he is an antagonist, one cannot help but feel sad for him and his situation in life. Romeo and Juliet Probably the most famous of Shakespeare's works. The characters:

The world wants us to believe that Romeo and Juliet are the prime example of true love, and we have grown to believe that as well.

But truly analyze them?

Length of relationship: One day


Result: Romeo wants to get into Juliet's pants. Once that fails, they kill themselves. INTERESTING FACT!!!! INTERESTING FACT!!!! Current-day Broadway Romeo and Juliet the Musical Left some hope,since the Phantom was never found after the theatre burned down. Though she does get a happier ending. And all the shows that appear on Broadway today are due to the great works of Shakespeare. With moving story lines, complex characters, and current-day Broadway shows, it is impossible to deny that Shakespeare did not transform everything we know as theatre.
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