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Mean Girls: Hero's Journey

No description

Cozette Smith

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Mean Girls: Hero's Journey

Mean Girls: Hero's Journey
By: Cozette Smith
Ordinary World:
Cady is use to being unpopular, living in Africa and being home schooled.
Ordinary World

Unknown World
Call to Adventure:
Cady is invited to sit with the plastics at the lunch table.
Refusal of Call:
Cady is unsure whether or not to be friends with the plastics or with Janis and Damien.
Meeting with the Mentor:
Janis and Damien convince Cady to hang out with the Plastics and see what their actually like.
Crossing the First Threshold:
Cady is invited to Regina's house to hang with her and the rest of the Plastics.
Tests, Allies and Enemies:
Cady starts to like Regina's ex-boyfriend, Aaron, but when Regina finds out she begins to date him again.
Approach to the Inmost Cave:
Cady finds out what Regina is really like and plans to ruin her life.
Cady tries to get Regina caught with another guy, make her gain weight and try to embarrass her.
The Reward:
Everyone starts to hate Regina and like Cady. Therefore, she becomes popular.
The Road Back:
Cady takes blame for Burn Book and the school finds out and starts to hate her. They all turn against her, because she is mean. This makes her unpopular again.
Cady thinks about who she has become and starts to try and make things better. She wants to be who she was before the Plastics.
Return with the Elixir:
Everyone in school starts to like Cady again, because of who she really is and not who the Plastics made her to be.
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