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Through the Tunnel Literary Elements

No description

Jacob Catibog

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Through the Tunnel Literary Elements

Through the Tunnel Literary Elements
The time would probably be over the summer or spring break
There were two different main settings: The promontory over the water and inside the tunnel
Both were located most likely on a beach in France
The protagonist of the story is the main character of the story
The Protagonist of the story is Jerry
Theme Concept and Theme Statement
I think that the theme concept is working hard.
I think the theme statement is that your hard work will always pay off in the end.
Jerry worked hard and trained hard to improve his breathing
His hard work payed off when he conquered the tunnel
by Jacob Catibog
Picture Sources
The promontory was a place where Jerry, our protagonist, would train and practice holding his breath under water
Here, whenever he was out of breath he could come back up and take a breather
The tunnel was under the water. Jerry wanted to prove that he could go through the tunnel and live through the experience
In the tunnel, Jerry would have to go all the way through with no breathers and he might die along the way
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. - W.E. Hickson
Momma's boy- He was always watched over by his mother

Jealous- He wishes he could be as good as the boys that swam through the tunnel
Persistent- He worked hard to improve his breathing abilities and kept working hard

Determined- He was determined to get through that tunnel alive and in one peace
Accomplished- He worked hard to get through the tunnel and was accomplished when he went through

Improved- He improved himself physically by increasing his breathing abilities and mentally by trying over and over again

Humble- He didn't boast or brag about his accomplishment
The setting is the time and place in which the story occurs.
The antagonist of the story is the person, place, or thing the protagonist is opposing.

There are two antagonists in "Through the Tunnel":
Jerry himself and the tunnel.
The tunnel was a difficult challenge for Jerry to overcome after he saw some older boys go through it.
Jerry himself had to work himself hard to improve his breathing and he also had to overcome his fears of dying and of his own weakness.
The conflict is the struggle between the protagonist and antagonist
Since there are two antagonists there are two conflicts:
Character vs. Nature and Character vs. Self
Character vs. Nature:
Jerry is going against the challenge of going through the tunnel.
Character vs. Self
Jerry has to train himself and conquer his fears of drowning and of weakness.
The plot of a story is the sequence of events that happens during the story. There are multiple parts that make up a plot hill.
Exposition- Introduces the protagonist and the setting
Rising Action- Events that lead up to the climax
Climax- The turning point of the story (things can go one way or another)
Falling Action- Events that happen because of the climax and that lead to the resolution
Resolution- The end of the Story
Plot hill
Exposition: Jerry goes to a beach with his mom but spends his time at a promontory over the water.
Rising Action 1:
Jerry meets some older boys that also dive and swim.
One of the boys went through a tunnel.
When all the boys went through, he started to panic because they didn't come back up automatically.
When they came back up and saw Jerry, they left him to get away from him and Jerry cried.
Rising Action 2:
Jerry began to search underwater for the tunnel the older boys passed through.
His mother bought him some swimming goggles that he used to help him find the tunnel.
When he found it, he attempted to go through the tunnel but he panicked and went back to the surface.
He then decided to train his breathing skills so he could be properly prepared to go through the tunnel.
Rising Action 3:
Jerry starts to train and control his breathing.
A few times when he was training he got nosebleeds.
He was able to train himself to stay underwater for two minutes.
A few days before he was to leave he got a serious nosebleed.
Climax: Jerry decides to go through the tunnel and to complete the challenge.
Falling Action:
Jerry dives underwater and enters the tunnel.
He had to try to keep himself from hitting his head against the sharp and slimy walls.
He got towards the end where the water paled.
When he was reaching the end of his strength, he propelled himself out of the tunnel.
Then he floated on up to the surface.
Resolution: Jerry conquered the tunnel and went to the villa and rested. He was accomplished.
The theme concept is what we as readers think the story is about.
The theme statement is what the story is trying to teach us based off of the theme concept.
by Doris Lessing
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