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Adolescent Socialization Project

No description

Diana Gamez

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Adolescent Socialization Project

Adolescent Socialization Project Dating and Relationship What are the characteristics of American Teenage dating in 2011? Challenges and Social Control *Going out. ex: to the movies, dinner, party etc...
*Obsessive What exactly is a teenager?
A teenager is an individual from the ages 13-19.
Its the onset biological and social development
(growth & sexual development, and independence for parents.) How have these changed/stayed the same overtime? Changed:
Back in the day there was more innocence, dating was more serious, there was respect between the relationship.
trust(sometimes) How are teenage relationships in general defined in our culture? Functions: To get to know each other. Know teenage relationships are known as meaningless, or just a past time for some teens. But rarely we find a few relationships that are real, and not a game as many are. By: Ashley Coreas & Diana Gamez Different/ Similar to relationships of other age groups/ subgroups? They tend to be different than other age groups because of their maturity. Adults when dating, they take it more serious than teenagers. What effects do these relationships have on teen socialization/ development? They're more social, have better self-esteem, more confidence. Although studies have shown that some relationships cause poor academic performance. How are teens socialized differently than other subgroups in our culture?
~Agents of Socialization:
-Family: teens understand by the way they were nurtured.
-Schools: They way teens transmit information It gives teens their basic needs. For example, after school activities, meals, and teaching students morals.
-Peers; teens trying to fit in can affect them in a negative or positive way.
-Mass media: it emphasizes fame, promiscuity,violence, and enjoyment in needs. What are the social control methods teens use within their subculture? Teens tend to hang out with people that have similar qualities with them. They also remove themselves from awkward situations. Norms, Values, Sanctions *hang out with friends, go to parties, etc...
* family, friends, relationship
*rules at home, curfew What types of behaviors are more/ less excepted in teen culture compared to adults? Teenagers are not as mature as adults...(some adults)
teens are more reckless and rebellious. we tend to do right about anything to get our way, compared to adults. "Dating." Child Trends Data Bank. Ed. David Murphey. Frank Walter, 2013. Web. 10 Mar. 2013. <http://www.childtrendsdatabank.org/?q=node/305>.

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How are teens socialized differently than other subgroups in our culture?
~Roles and status teens fill:
-teens will be the change of the future How are teens socialized differently than other subgroups in our culture>
~mass media
~fitting in
-investments How are teens socialized differently than other subgroups in our culture?
cultural traits:
-would rather be motivated than know the truth
work cited what challenges, struggles, stressors are experieced by teens in America?
-Peer Pressure
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