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P3 Mastery- Breaks

No description

Ryan Bramlette

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of P3 Mastery- Breaks

Whats the Problem?
The vast majority of our industry focuses only on the financing (insurance) portion of risk management. Insurance is an extremely important piece to handling risk...but when we only identify and provide solutions (insurance policy) for hazard/insurance related risks...we are missing the VICIOUS risks that organizations face, the types of risks that can potentially put our clients and future clients out of business.
Fighting Tradition
P3 allows you to engage with our clients through conversations. These conversations discuss where they have been, where they want to go...and what could stop them from getting their.

But anybody could do that... It is HOW we identify and analyze risk and HOW we apply our INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY that produces a quantifiable impact for our clients far more meaningful than what the traditional/transactional firm can do.

So What?
Strategic Risk Business Risk Hazard Risk
Impact the value Process/ Procedures Fire
Brand HR Related Slip and Fall
Key People Public Interaction Auto Fleet

Then what...
Continue to understand risks, including emerging risks, better than anybody else. Develop our intellectual property in a way that can provide answers to those risks and challenges. Always answer So What.

Bottom line, people will choose our firm because of our intellectual property and what we are going to do next...compared to value added agencies that try and copy services but cannot evolve or innovate.
P3 Mastery
Prevent Mitigate Transfer Finance Assume
Hazard Risk
Slip and Fall
Auto Fleet

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